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Stephen Root

‘Barry’ Season 4 Review: HBO’s Bill Hader Dramedy Wraps With Its Most Thrilling and Ambitious Moves Yet

Everyone's favorite hitman-turned-actor continues looking for his fresh start in the final season of the pitch-dark series by Hader and Alec Berg.

‘Paint’ Review: Owen Wilson Nails the Caricature in Satire That Otherwise Lacks Texture

The actor plays a landscape painter who hosts a popular public television show in Brit McAdams' comedy inspired by longtime PBS star Bob Ross.

Owen Wilson Says Wig Did “Heavy Lifting” to Help Him Play Bob Ross-Inspired Character in ‘Paint’

Brit McAdams had an idea, one best explained by a couple of questions. “What if an artist, someone like a Bob Ross, had a lot of power but didn’t use that power for good? What if that person, seemingly the nicest, most polite person on TV, maybe even the world, was not what they seemed […]

‘Barry’: Anthony Carrigan on NoHo Hank’s Rescue Mission in the Season 3 Finale

[This story contains spoilers for the season three finale of HBO’s Barry, “starting now.”] Well, season three of Barry has come to a close, and somehow, again, miraculously, co-creators Bill Hader and Alec Berg have managed to keep all the main characters above ground. Perhaps none of the series regulars has more reason to be […]

‘Barry’: Stephen Root on Fuches’ Return: “I Don’t Think He’s Planned S—”

[This story contains spoilers for the May 15 episode of HBO’s Barry, “all the sauces.”] When, three years ago this week, we left Stephen Root’s Monroe Fuches at the end of season two of HBO’s Vantablack comedy Barry, he’d recently delivered a self-reflective monologue that prevented a gang war between the Bolivians, the Burmese and […]

Stephen Root Has a Box of Staplers Waiting for His Signature on Every Film and TV Project Thanks to ‘Office Space’

Without fail, there is a box of staplers waiting for Stephen Root to sign on every film and television project he does thanks to his iconic Office Space character, Milton Waddams. The versatile actor, who currently stars in HBO’s dark comedy Barry, recently dropped by The Rich Eisen Show, where he was asked about his […]

HBO’s ‘Barry’ Season 3: TV Review

Bill Hader and Alec Berg's hitman comedy continues to exude confidence in its story of Hollywood dreams, international drug cartels and hope for second chances.

‘Four Good Days’: Film Review | Sundance 2020

Glenn Close stars as a mother trying to get her drug-addicted daughter, played by Mila Kunis, over a crucial recovery hurdle in Rodrigo Garcia's empathetic fact-based drama, 'Four Good Days.'

‘Seberg’: Film Review | Venice 2019

Kristen Stewart plays nouvelle vague icon Jean Seberg in this account of the FBI surveillance that truncated her Hollywood career, with Jack O'Connell as the investigator needled by conscience.

‘Barry’s’ “Bad Uncle” Stephen Root Is Finally Ready for Emmy Spotlight

Stephen Root, whose specialty has always been standing out in an ensemble, currently finds himself in an unfamiliar role: Emmy dark horse for his role in HBO's Barry.

‘Barry’ Goes Sci-Fi: Bill Hader Talks Gonzo Episode 5, “Ronny/Lily”

In the HBO comedy created by star Bill Hader and Alec Berg (Silicon Valley), about a hitman who wanders into an acting class and finds his truth, the protagonist's assorted flights of fancy translated to the screen have been integral to several episodes. But this week was the first time the show has crossed a line into … well, something else.

Coen Brothers, ‘Buster Scruggs’ Cast Insist Western Anthology Was Always Going to Be a Movie

The Coen brothers and the stars of their new Netflix Western anthology film 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs' say the project was always intended to be released as a cohesive movie, made up of different stories, despite early reports that said it was going to be a TV series.