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Steven Mnuchin

Steven Mnuchin Raises $2.5B For New Fund, Investments Will Include “New Forms of Content”

Former Trump administration Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is planning a return to media investing, though expect an emphasis on digital content than the traditional theatrical films he financed before his turn in government. Mnuchin has raised $2.5 billion for his private equity fund, Liberty Strategic Capital, and is seeking investments in the technology sector, fintech, […]

Louise Linton’s ‘Me You Madness’ Finds Homes in U.K., France

The campy comedy-thriller marks the directorial debut of the actress, who is married to former U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

Chris Wallace Once Dinged Jake Tapper’s Question to Steven Mnuchin as “Fake News,” Email Reveals

"As much as I hate the expression 'fake news' — this is a perfect example of it," Wallace said of Tapper in a late 2017 email obtained through a FOIA request.

Louise Linton “Super-Duper” Sorry for Instagram Rant

“I felt like the kid on the playground that has been so bullied, and finally you punch back,” said the wife of U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in a recent Elle profile, in which she also discussed the prospect of reality TV.

LAPD Bomb Squad Responds to Suspicious Package Sent to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

Officers were called to a Bel-Air neighborhood Saturday night to investigate a large gift-wrapped box, which contained horse manure.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Requested Government Jet for Honeymoon Trip

Use of the jet typically costs an eye-popping $25,000 per hour.

Conservative Koch Brothers Are Secret Investors in ‘Wonder Woman’ (Exclusive)

Steven Mnuchin brought in the right-wing power brokers, as well as Bill Gates, to help fund such Hollywood projects as 'Dunkirk' and Steven Spielberg’s upcoming 'Ready Player One.'

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Divests Stake in RatPac-Dune Entertainment

Mnuchin's film credits include 'Wonder Woman,' 'The Accountant,' 'Sully,' 'Suicide Squad,' 'American Sniper' and many more, all as executive producer.

Relativity Backer Pushes Its Fraud Case Against Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin

RKA Film Financing claims that Mnuchin knew and approved of unfeasible film release dates and phony budgets to induce $60 million in loans.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Apologizes (Sort Of) for ‘Lego Batman Movie’ Plug

"It was not my intention to make a product endorsement," he tells the U.S. government ethics boss.

Risking Ethics Violation, Treasure Secretary Steven Mnuchin Promotes ‘Lego Batman Movie’

The co-founder of RatPac Dune urged parents to send their kids to the movie, on which he served as an executive producer.