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Style Matters

Donald Trump Defends Melania’s Footwear Choices in Hurricane Aftermath

"She took tremendous abuse," he tells Mike Huckabee in an interview.

White Nationalist Uniform of Polo Shirts Takes Center Stage in Charlottesville

"We have to be hip and we have to be sexy," wrote a neo-Nazi of how to dress for the rally.

Are Women of the Trump Administration Held Back by Their Stilettos?

Ivanka and Melania have rarely been spotted without the sky-high heels since January.

Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Most Relatable-Looking Woman in the West Wing?

Now conducting the daily White House briefings, the press secretary is a real-world foil to other Trump women.

Anthony Scaramucci Has Really Strong Feelings About Hair and Makeup

Apparently he wasn't talking about Sarah Huckabee Sanders' look.

Melania Trump Wears Festive Checked Dress to the White House Congressional Picnic

The sleeveless dress designed by Mary Katrantzou is currently on sale.

“Nasty Woman” T-Shirt Designer Expands Feminist Clothing Platform

Amanda Brinkman tells 'Pret-a-Reporter' she wants to highlight women who aren't just "capitalizing" off of feminism.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Celebrates Seersucker Thursday at Comey Hearing

Twitter took notice of the senator's summertime style too.

Melania Trump Has Clothes Delivered Daily to Trump Tower (Report)

It looks like the First Lady hasn't had much trouble finding designer pieces, after all.