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Supreme Court

Will the Supreme Court Finally Declare Copyright Infringement As “Theft”?

For quite some time, there’s been an esoteric debate running in intellectual property circles as to whether copyright infringement is best characterized as thievery. Those arguing against the

Supreme Court Won’t Stop Antitrust Trial for Comcast

Comcast’s hopes of avoiding an antitrust trial with Viamedia were dashed on Monday when Supreme Court rejected the cable giant’s petition for review. Viamedia is suing Comcast for…

Supreme Court Takes a Big Step in Destroying NCAA’s No-Pay Rules

In a landmark ruling on Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided that the NCAA’s educational perk restrictions for student-athletes is a violation of antitrust law. The unanimous opinion…

Project Veritas Wants Supreme Court to Vindicate Secret Recordings

In the past decade, Project Veritas has repeatedly stirred the pot by surreptitiously recording community activists, abortion clinic staffers, union leaders, prominent media figures and others…