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SXSW 2023

‘Americana’ Review: Sydney Sweeney and Halsey in a Contemporary Western That Cleverly Subverts Expectations

Directed by Tony Tost, the recent SXSW selection also stars Paul Walter Hauser and Simon Rex.

‘This Closeness’ Review: A Couple and Their Airbnb Host Get Acquainted in an Astute Dramedy of Awkwardness

Kit Zauhar writes, directs and stars in the film, which debuted at SXSW and unfolds over a weekend in a Philadelphia.

‘Parachute’ Review: Brittany Snow’s Directing Debut Tackles Addiction, Eating Disorders and Anxiety With an Impressively Light Touch

This portrait of a relationship between a woman with an eating disorder (Courtney Eaton of 'Yellowjackets') and a boy with co-dependency issues (Thomas Mann) won two awards at SXSW.

‘Air’ Review: Ben Affleck’s Ode to Michael Jordan Is Affectionate and Involving, Even When It Fails to Convince

The 'Argo' actor/director stars alongside Matt Damon and Viola Davis in this feature about the creation of Nike's Air Jordan shoe.

Ben Affleck Premieres ‘Air’ at SXSW: “Most Important Night of My Professional Life”

Ben Affleck screened the world premiere of his new film Air at South by Southwest Film & TV Festival in Austin, Texas, on Saturday and quickly made it clear how much he wanted his Amazon Studios project to succeed. “Tonight is the most important night of my professional life,” Affleck declared from the stage, amid […]

Viola Davis on Playing Michael Jordan’s Mom in ‘Air’: “I Wanted to Know More About This Woman”

When Ben Affleck met with Michael Jordan about Air, the director’s new movie that highlights a key moment in the basketball icon’s story, Jordan had one request. “Viola Davis. That’s my mom,” the filmmaker recalled to The Hollywood Reporter of what Jordan told him.  Air, the story of how Michael Jordan’s family and a group […]

‘Joy Ride’ Review: Ashley Park and Stephanie Hsu in a Raunchy, Rowdy Comedy With Genuine Heart

This directorial debut from 'Crazy Rich Asians' screenwriter Adele Lim follows four friends on their wild, international adventure.

‘You Can Call Me Bill’ Review: Pensive Doc Shows a Different Side of William Shatner

Director Alexandre O. Philippe walks the actor through his career in a documentary that covers everything from 'Star Trek' to 'Boston Legal' to his trip into space.

‘Late Bloomers’ Review: Karen Gillan Stars in a Slight Odd-Couple Friendship Dramedy

The actress plays a depressed musician who bonds with an older Polish woman (Margaret Sophie Stein) in Lisa Steen's directorial debut, which premiered at SXSW.

Jake Johnson Asked Friends to Be Brutally Honest About Directorial Debut ‘Self Reliance’

In Self Reliance, Jake Johnson’s Thomas, still reeling from a two-year-old break-up and generally disillusioned with life, agrees to participate in a reality television show for the dark web where, for 30 days, people will try to murder him. The loophole that Thomas gloms on to is that he can’t be murdered when he is […]

Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu Take a Raunchy Road Trip in ‘Joy Ride’ Trailer

Ashley Park, Sherry Cola, Oscar nominee Stephanie Hsu and Sabrina Wu are four unlikely friends taking a wildly debauched trip to Asia in Joy Ride, a friendship comedy from the producers of Neighbors and Lionsgate. Crazy Rich Asians co-writer Adele Lim’s directorial debut from Seth Rogen’s Point Grey features a road trip gone wrong for […]

‘Evil Dead Rise’ Review: A Wonderfully Sick New Installment in the Beloved Horror Franchise

In the latest entry in Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell's series, a mother and her children must fight the demonic forces in their apartment.