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Talia Ryder

A Real-World ‘Black Swan’ in Exile

Joy Womack is speaking to me in a Zoom window as she furiously threads a pair of ballet shoes. “It takes three hours to prepare one pair of shoes,” she says apologetically. “And we go through four pairs a week. So if you’re not sewing, you’re out of shoes.” At 28, Womack has already gone […]

Why ‘Do Revenge’ Star Talia Ryder Never Needed to Be Part of the Cool Crowd

Debate continues over why Bros, the first LGBTQ romantic comedy to get a studio release, didn’t have better luck at the box office and what this says about the market for comedies, particularly those featuring queer themes. While it’s unclear whether the Billy Eichner-starring film would have made a bigger splash on a streamer, one […]