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Film and TV Casting Directors Reach New Tentative Three-Year Contract Deal

Talks for the agreement lasted two months, and a ratification vote is scheduled to begin on Sunday.

Outgoing Local 399 Leader Steve Dayan Talks Stepping Down and Why “It’s a New Day for the Teamsters”

The union secretary-treasurer and former location manager also discusses his biggest mistakes, as well as the state of the Hollywood labor movement: "My hope is that we come more together as labor unions."

Hollywood Teamsters Leader Steve Dayan to Retire

Current recording secretary Lindsay Dougherty is set to serve out the rest of Dayan's three-year term, thereby becoming the first woman to lead Local 399.

Film and TV Location Managers Vote to Ratify New Contract

Ninety-five percent of eligible voting members supported the deal, while voter turnout was 75 percent, "the highest in the Local's recent history" for the contract, the union says.

Leo T. Reed, Hollywood Teamsters’ Longest-Serving Secretary-Treasurer, Dies at 83

A former pro football player and police officer, Reed led Local 399 for over two decades, organized workers in cable television and in commercials and refused to make a "New Media" deal with studios.

Lindsay Dougherty Appointed Teamsters’ Motion Picture and Theatrical Trade Division Director

The Local 399 recording secretary led recent negotiations over Hollywood Basic Crafts and location manager contracts.

Film and TV Location Managers Reach New Tentative 3-Year Contract Deal

The deal was announced on Feb. 26 by Local 399 and will now go to members for a ratification vote.

Hollywood Teamsters Vote to Ratify New Three-Year Agreement

Eighty-nine percent of members voted in favor of the new "Black Book" deal in a contest whose turnout was "one of the highest in the Local’s recent history," according to Teamsters Local 399.

Hollywood Basic Crafts Deal Terms With Studios Revealed

Participating unions negotiated a budget-based New Media sideletter that eliminates low "movie of the week" rates and won three percent annual wage increases in their latest tentative agreement, Teamsters Local 399 has revealed.

Hollywood Basic Crafts Strike New Tentative Agreement With Employers

Talks began for the latest contract, which affects film and television workers working in 13 states, in early December 2021.