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The Terminator

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Poster Drops Ahead of Trailer

The new poster for 'Terminator: Dark Fate' touts James Cameron and Linda Hamilton's return.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Terminator’ Footage, New Look at Tom Cruise on ‘Top Gun’ Set Bring Cheers to CinemaCon

The first footage for 'Terminator: Dark Fate' and a new look at Tom Cruise on the 'Top Gun' set got a big response at CinemaCon.

Junkie XL to Score ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ (Exclusive)

Junkie XL is stepping into the world of Terminator to score 'Dark Fate.'

How ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ Can Complete Sarah Connor’s Journey

'There's no fate but what we make for ourselves.' That line, spoken by John Connor, can form a mantra for 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

What ‘Terminator’ Can Take From the Success of ‘Halloween’

'The box-office success of the new 'Halloween' is good news for a number of people, even outside of those involved with the movie itself. It's a project that proves that movies with female leads, and…

What New ‘Terminator’ Image Gets Right About the Franchise

The new 'Terminator' movie is getting the franchise back on track with its image of Natalia Reyes, Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton.

‘Terminator’ Reboot Taps Mackenzie Davis to Star

The 'Blade Runner 2049' actress would play a soldier-assassin on a mission.

How New ‘Terminator’ Will Handle an Older Arnold Schwarzenegger

James Cameron and director Tim Miller also confirm the film will take place on the same timeline as the first two movies and offer insight into their philosophy on the film's antagonist.

James Cameron on Real-Life AI Fears: “The Machines Have Already Won”

"What was science fiction in the '80s is now imminent. It's coming over the horizon at us," the 'Terminator' director says.

‘Terminator’: How James Cameron Convinced Linda Hamilton to Return

"It took me a week just to get up the nerve," Cameron joked about asking his ex-wife to come back to the franchise.

James Cameron Sounds the Alarm on Artificial Intelligence and Unveils a ‘Terminator’ for the 21st Century

Cameron and Deadpool director Tim Miller sit down with THR to talk for the first time about how they will reboot a storied but troubled franchise for the new era of Amazon drones and AI anxiety…

How Will Another ‘Terminator’ Reboot Attempt to Address the Plot?

History and two earlier failed reboots are against Arnold Schwarzenegger's robot making a successful return.