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The Eternals

How ‘The Eternals’ Score Captured the Sound of Space, Love and Its Deviants

Before filming for The Eternals began, composer Ramin Djawadi had lunch with director Chloé Zhao. “I had read the script, and we just sat down,” Djawadi tells The Hollywood Reporter about his first meeting with the Oscar-winner. “We discussed the overarching themes, the organ idea, the whole issue of conflict and belief, memory — all […]

Mahershala Ali Says He Was “Losing Sleep” Over Blade Voice Cameo in ‘The Eternals’

Mahershala Ali says he’s embracing the pressure and responsibility of playing Blade in the MCU but that how his character debuts in Chloé Zhao’s Eternals did cause him a little extra anxiety. Appearing on The Late Show to discuss his new Apple movie Swan Song, Ali touched on bringing his version of Blade to life […]

Why Kumail Nanjiani Is “Very Uncomfortable” Talking About His Body for ‘Eternals’ Role

Kumail Nanjiani says after getting “jacked” for his role in the upcoming Marvel film The Eternals, he’s questioned the kinds of messages his transformation sends about masculinity, saying other men have started reacting to him more aggressively. In an interview with GQ, the actor spoke about how his life has changed since December 2019, when […]