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The Lost Daughter

Maggie Gyllenhaal, Janicza Bravo on How Women Filmmakers Are “Used to Working With Less”

“As women, we’re used to working with less,” Maggie Gyllenhaal bluntly told The Hollywood Reporter of female directors’ current situation in Hollywood, even as the industry has become more inclusive. The actress-turned-director spoke alongside Zola director Janicza Bravo at a Women’s History Month panel hosted by Neiman Marcus at Spring Place in Beverly Hills Tuesday […]

Maggie Gyllenhaal Breaks Down Scene From Oscar-Nominated ‘The Lost Daughter’ Screenplay

↑ This scene sees Leda (Olivia Colman) and Will (Paul Mescal) at dinner. After a few glasses of wine, the pair begin a flirtatious conversation. “There’s a sexuality that’s palpable and real,” explains Gyllenhaal. “There’s the possibility of sex, but it’s also impossible.” It follows one of the few scenes of exposition, in which Will […]

Guest Column: How Method Acting Elevated Five Films — From ‘The Godfather’ to ‘The Lost Daughter’

During the second half of the 20th Century, the Method — an acting technique codified by Lee Strasberg that draws on the individual actor’s idiosyncrasies, psychology and emotion to help breathe life into their roles —transitioned from insurgent movement to dominant establishment to an often-mocked and misunderstood long twilight in the popular consciousness.

“I Found It Really Stunning and Shocking”: ‘THR Presents’ Q&A With ‘The Lost Daughter’ Writer-Director Maggie Gyllenhaal

Fans of Elena Ferrante’s novel The Lost Daughter might have realized that Maggie Gyllenhaal’s film adaptation takes place in a different European country than the book does. But Gyllenhaal, who wrote and directed the film, says her iteration of The Lost Daughter was originally supposed to be set in the United States, before many roadblocks […]

Spirit Awards: Best Director Winner Maggie Gyllenhaal Delivers Tear-Filled Philosophy on Being True to Oneself

Maggie Gyllenhaal won best director for The Lost Daughter at the 2022 Independent Spirit Awards. Gyllenhaal broke down in tears as she recognized the power and importance of love, independent film and The Lost Daughter’s various production members while accepting the honor on Sunday in Santa Monica. After telling herself to “keep it together” while […]

USC Scripter Awards: ‘The Lost Daughter’ and ‘Dopesick’ Named Best Adaptations

The Lost Daughter and Dopesick took top honors at the 34th annual — and second virtual — USC Libraries Scripter Awards on Saturday night. The Scripter Awards celebrate the best printed-word-to-screen adaptations. Both authors and screenwriters were celebrated. Therefore, The Lost Daughter screenwriter Maggie Gyllenhaal and Elena Ferrante, the author of the novel of the same […]

Maggie Gyllenhaal Celebrates ‘The Lost Daughter’ Oscar Nom: “Crying and Then Started Drinking Champagne”

The Oscar nominations may have begun to be announced at 5 a.m. on the West Coast and 8 a.m. on the East, but that didn’t stop Maggie Gyllenhaal from popping the champagne. The first-time feature writer and director was nominated for best adapted screenplay on Tuesday morning for The Lost Daughter, while her stars Olivia […]

‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast [LIVE] — Dakota Johnson (‘The Lost Daughter’)

Dakota Johnson, the guest on this episode of The Hollywood Reporter‘s Awards Chatter podcast, which was recorded in front of an audience at Chapman University, is an actress and third-generation Hollywood star. After a brief but memorable turn in David Fincher’s 2010 masterpiece The Social Network, she shot to fame through a trilogy of risque […]

“All of Us Have Cruelty, Perversity, Strangeness and Darkness”: THR’s Writer Roundtable

“Is there a world in which …?” As The Harder They Fall co-writer (and director) Jeymes Samuel recounted how Idris Elba — his friend and one of the stars of his all-Black Western — prefaced his not-infrequent on-set requests to veer from the script, several of his fellow screenwriters seated at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual […]

‘Being the Ricardos,’ ‘The Lost Daughter’ and More Producers on Their Most Challenging Moments: “You’re Ripping Your Hair Out Trying to Make a Movie”

CHELSEA BARNARD C’MON C’MON (A24) Writer-director Mike Mills’ latest stars Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny, a childless man in his 40s who steps in to take care of his young nephew, Jesse (Woody Norman), as his sister handles a family crisis. “We were such a tight family, the bonds formed between us as a crew and […]

Critics’ Conversation: The Great Film Performances of 2021

THR critics celebrate career bests from Benedict Cumberbatch and Kristen Stewart, honor seamless ensembles and single out formidable turns from rising stars, character actors and clutch supporting players (all hail Aunjanue Ellis!)

‘The Lost Daughter’ Composer on Scoring Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Directorial Debut at Abbey Road

For her directorial debut, The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal explained to composer Dickon Hinchliffe that she wanted a score that sounded like a vintage vinyl record from the ’50s or ’60s. It was a challenge he happily took on, crafting a textured composition with the help of some recording equipment used by The Beatles. The […]