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The Many Saints of Newark

Alessandro Nivola Honors ‘Many Saints of Newark’ Co-Star Ray Liotta: “He Contained Multitudes”

For Alessandro Nivola, every day working with Ray Liotta on The Many Saints of Newark was a gift for several reasons. Beyond starring opposed a Hollywood idol, Nivola was able to witness Liotta craft two completely different characters for the story, which was David Chase’s prequel film to his HBO series, The Sopranos. Nivola, who […]

Ray Liotta, Actor in ‘GoodFellas,’ Dies at 67

Ray Liotta, the intense actor from New Jersey best known for his turn as the hustler turned mob rat Henry Hill in Martin Scorsese’s GoodFellas, has died. He was 67. Publicist Jennifer Allen told The Hollywood Reporter that the actor died Wednesday night or early Thursday in his sleep in his hotel room while in the […]

From ‘And Just Like That’ to ‘Westworld’: 20 Questions With HBO/Max’s Casey Bloys

Eighteen months ago, Casey Bloys’ biggest concern was the future of Game of Thrones. Now, the HBO and HBO Max programming chief is in the midst of getting a new corporate parent, busy overseeing a sprawling content portfolio that includes revivals of some of HBO’s most iconic shows for the years-old streamer, navigating the complex […]

“All of Us Have Cruelty, Perversity, Strangeness and Darkness”: THR’s Writer Roundtable

“Is there a world in which …?” As The Harder They Fall co-writer (and director) Jeymes Samuel recounted how Idris Elba — his friend and one of the stars of his all-Black Western — prefaced his not-infrequent on-set requests to veer from the script, several of his fellow screenwriters seated at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual […]

New Jersey Expands Tax Breaks for Film/TV Productions

New Jersey is expanding tax credits for film, television and digital media productions in an ongoing push to make the state a top destination for high-profile projects. Gov. Phil Murphy on Wednesday signed into law a major increase in the state’s tax break program, which was extended to 2034, that gives digital media projects credits […]

‘Awards Chatter’ Podcast: ‘Sopranos’ Creator David Chase Finally Reveals What Happened to Tony (Exclusive)

“It’s a comfort knowing that the work lives on,” David Chase, the writer, director and producer who created The Sopranos, told me Saturday as we sat down in front of a theater full of students at Chapman University, where I now teach, to record the first of several live episodes of Awards Chatter that I […]

‘Sopranos’ Star Steve Schirripa Says Significant Bobby Baccalieri Moment Was an Accident

Fans of The Sopranos know one of the most devastating moments involving the kind-hearted Bobby Baccalieri was his first hit, which happened toward the end of the series. It’s in that moment a brilliant metaphor for the character losing a part of his soul occurs — but Steve Schirripa reveals the instance was not planned. […]

Corey Stoll Prepared for ‘West Side Story’ by Watching 1961 Original and Then Forgetting All About It

[This story contains a spoiler for The Many Saints of Newark.] Corey Stoll knows that fans of The Sopranos can be hardcore, so he was somewhat expecting those displeased over the twist in The Many Saints of Newark to approach him on the street with a bone to pick. But, so far, so good. The […]

Billy Magnussen on Key ‘No Time to Die’ Scenes and ‘The Many Saints of Newark’

[This interview contains spoilers for No Time to Die.] For No Time to Die star Billy Magnussen, there’s no time like the present. In the 25th James Bond film from Eon Productions, Magnussen plays CIA officer Logan Ash, who, along with his fellow CIA operative Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), tries to convince a retired Bond […]

‘Many Saints’ Director on Whether That Surprise Character Was Real

[The following story contains spoilers from The Many Saints of Newark.] If you were confused, your reaction was perfectly correct. In The Sopranos prequel movie The Many Saints of Newark, Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) brutally kills his father Aldo “Hollywood Dick” Moltisanti (Ray Liotta). Then Dickie goes and visits in prison his uncle that is, […]

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ Led Michael Imperioli to Depressing Realization About His ‘Sopranos’ Character

[This story contains spoilers for The Many Saints of Newark.] When Michael Imperioli made the decision to reprise his iconic Sopranos character in The Many Saints of Newark, he had no idea his understanding of Christopher Moltisanti would be forever altered. With the beloved HBO Mafia drama still being a major force in his life […]

‘Venom 2’ Ignites Box Office With Record $90M Opening

In a stunning boost for theatrical, Venom: Let There Be Carnage opened to $90.1 million at the domestic box office, the biggest three-day launch of the pandemic era, fueling the biggest weekend overall since COVID-19 shut down theaters in March 2020. For the first time during the crisis, domestic box office revenues came in less […]