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The Offer

Al Pacino Thinks the First ‘Godfather’ Is “More Entertaining” Than ‘Part II’: “It’s Really Storytelling at Its Best”

Al Pacino sat down for a wide-ranging conversation Wednesday night in New York, touching on everything from his early days on The Godfather and his decision to turn down Star Wars to his views on retirement. The 82-year-old star sat down with David Rubenstein as part of the 92nd Street Y, New York’s “People Who Inspire […]

“I Would Not Have Signed On to Remake ‘The Godfather'”: THR Presents’ Q&A With Miles Teller and Cast of The Offer’

As the 10th and final episode of The Offer arrives to Paramount+ this week, several of its creators reunited for a THR Presents conversation powered by Vision Media to discuss the limited series, about the genesis of The Godfather. Bouncing from Hollywood backlots to the New York criminal underworld to Sicily, the show makes clear […]

How Matthew Goode Brought Robert Evans Back to Life in ‘The Offer’

Transforming yourself into a Hollywood icon is one thing, but for Matthew Goode to really pull off playing Robert Evans — a titan of 1970s cinema who helped make some of the biggest movies in history happen — he had to go all-in. It wasn’t just the suits and the late Paramount producer’s penchant for […]

‘The Offer’ Star Giovanni Ribisi Grateful Miniseries Answers Elusive Question About Hollywood

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for The Offer episode “The Right Shade of Yellow.”]  Giovanni Ribisi knew the role was going to be a challenge — and that is why he agreed to be a part of the project. The (basically) lifelong actor plays Mafia boss Joseph “Joe” Colombo in Paramount+ miniseries The Offer, which […]

‘The Offer’ Star Colin Hanks Knows His Character is Easy to Loathe: “He Stands for a Lot That I Am Against”

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the initial three episodes of The Offer.] Colin Hanks knows his character in The Offer is not going to be popular among viewers — and he is totally fine with that takeaway. That is, after all, exactly what he was going for in the Paramount+ miniseries about the making […]

‘The Offer’: Mario Puzo Actor Gets Candid on ‘The Godfather’: “I Don’t Think the Book Is Great”

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for the initial three episodes of The Offer.]  Mario Puzo would have been proud. The legendary best-selling author who wrote The Godfather was known for being blunt. And so is the actor who plays him in the Paramount+ miniseries The Offer, which dropped its first three episodes on Thursday. For […]

‘The Offer’: Yes, Mario Puzo and Frank Sinatra Really Did Have an Altercation Inside Swanky L.A. Restaurant

[Warning: This story contains spoilers for episode one of The Offer.] It may be hard to believe, but yes, Frank Sinatra really did let Mario Puzo have it for his perceived likeness in The Godfather, as featured in the first episode of The Offer. The Paramount+ miniseries about The Godfather’s long and tumultuous journey to […]

‘The Offer’ Stars and Their Real-Life Inspirations for the ‘Godfather’ Series

The Oscar-winning crime drama's path to the big screen is relived in the Paramount+ series, starring Miles Teller as producer Albert S. Ruddy and Justin Chambers as Marlon Brando.

Paramount+’s ‘The Offer’: TV Review

The tumultuous production of 'The Godfather' gets limited-series treatment by creator Michael Tolkin, with a sprawling cast led by Miles Teller.

Where to Watch ‘The Godfather’ TV Series ‘The Offer’ Online

The Godfather‘s behind-the-scenes drama has scored the small screen treatment in The Offer, a limited series about the making of the Oscar-winning mob movie from the perspective of producer Al Ruddy. Debuting April 28 on Paramount+, the 10-episode miniseries stars Miles Teller as Ruddy, Dan Fogler as director Francis Ford Coppola, Matthew Goode as Paramount Studios […]

Events of the Week: ‘Euphoria,’ ‘The Offer’ and More

As Hollywood events return to full force in New York and Los Angeles amid the coronavirus pandemic, here’s a look at this week’s biggest premieres, parties and openings, including red carpets for Euphoria, The Offer, The Northman, Under the Banner of Heaven, Barry and Russian Doll. The Northman Los Angeles premiere Robert Eggers debuted his […]

‘The Offer’ Team on “Absolutely Terrifying” Task of Getting the Iconic ‘Godfather’ Story Just Right

Fifty years after The Godfather’s 1972 debut comes the untold story of the movie that almost didn’t get made. Told from the perspective of producer Al Ruddy (played by Miles Teller), The Offer chronicles the journey of what it took to make the film that would go on to become widely considered as one of […]