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the unforgivable

Sandra Bullock: “If It Wasn’t for Netflix, a Lot of People Wouldn’t Be Working”

Sandra Bullock closed out 2021 toplining another Netflix film, The Unforgivable, which followed the success of her previous outing, the apocalyptic-thriller Bird Box. The latter film, released in 2018, held the No. 1 spot for most watched film in Netflix history until just a few weeks ago, when it was dethroned by the pairing of […]

Jon Bernthal on ‘King Richard’ Training, ‘Sicario’ Improv and Frank Castle’s Future

While Jon Bernthal was a decorated athlete growing up, he had never really stepped foot onto a tennis court until he was cast as Rick Macci, one of the most successful tennis coaches in the sport’s history, in King Richard. So to believably play one of Venus and Serena Williams’ mentors, Bernthal dedicated himself to […]

Netflix’s New Releases Coming in December 2021

Jane Campion-directed Western The Power of the Dog, the second season of fantasy drama The Witcher and climate disaster satire Don’t Look Up are among the most anticipated titles hitting Netflix in December. Based on the 1967 novel of the same name, The Power of the Dog drops on Dec. 1 and stars Benedict Cumberbatch […]

Sandra Bullock on Featuring “Someone Who Never Gets Movies Made About Them” in ‘The Unforgivable’

Sandra Bullock boils down the essence of her newest film, The Unforgivable, to one word: “family.” “I wanted to make a movie about someone who never gets movies made about them, but yet they sacrifice every single day without a pat on the back, without someone saying ‘good job,’ without someone seeing them and recognizing […]