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Theo Germaine on the Meaning Behind ‘They/Them’ and How the Slasher Is a “New Exploration” Into Good Representation

[This story contains spoilers for They/Them.] In John Logan’s directorial debut, Peacock summer camp slasher They/Them, a group of LGBTQ young people find themselves at a conversion therapy camp — places banned in many U.S. states that allege they can “change,” “repair” or even “cure” someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Run by Kevin Bacon’s […]

Kevin Bacon on How He and Kyra Sedgwick Supported Their Children in Figuring Out Their Identities: “There’s a Long History of Forcing Children Into Boxes”

Kevin Bacon says that he and his wife and fellow actor Kyra Sedgwick tried their best to support their now-adult children as they were figuring out their identities, including their sexuality. The award-winning actor spoke to Yahoo! Entertainment ahead of the release of his latest movie, Peacock horror-thriller They/Them, discussing one of the key themes […]