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That Girl Lay Lay and the Making of the Modern Child Star

The video that changed Alaya High’s life is, by production standards, rather elementary. Shot on a phone, handheld at a slightly off-kilter angle, it shows the tiny 11-year-old girl as she sits in the passenger seat of her father’s car. It looks, in fact, like the sort of video every parent has taken in the […]

Spies, Killers and Internet Daddies: Pedro Pascal, Kieran Culkin and the THR Drama Actor Roundtable

It was a Saturday afternoon in late April, and the writers strike was looming, if not inevitable. Still, the six men gathered in L.A. for The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Drama Actor Emmy Roundtable showed no signs of panic. In fact, The Old Man’s Jeff Bridges and Dahmer’s Evan Peters were busy sharing breathing exercises, while […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Candid on Career, Failures, Aging: “My Plan Is to Live Forever”

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a ritual. The “Austrian Oak” would stare at his naked body in the mirror as if he were a living work of art, a figure to be sculpted to perfection by lifting hundreds of pounds of iron in endless repetition. His goal was to shatter bodybuilding records and then become Hollywood’s biggest […]

James Gunn’s Guardians: How Chris Pratt and His Marvel Castmates Rescued Their Director’s Career

No matter what else he felt, no matter what else was going on, above all Chris Pratt needed to keep a level head. He was Star-Lord, after all. The leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. And James Gunn was going to need him. The week before, on July 20, 2018, Pratt and the rest […]