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Taika Waititi: “Am I Allowed to Laugh at This?”

Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo have a routine they’ve done at parties that kills. They perfected it at Sundance in the early 2000s, in a condo dance-off with two Navajo guys. “Taika would strike this Michael Jackson pose with his hand pointing in the air and unbutton the pearl button on his shirt,” says Harjo, […]

Natalie Portman at Cannes: “I Need to Leave the Drama for the Screen”

In a scene late in Natalie Portman’s new movie, May December, she’s talking with the faintest lisp, somehow playing a moment as both fragile and predatory. Portman’s performance in the scene is striking not just for how uncomfortable it is, but because it’s an uncanny re-creation of a character that Julianne Moore has been playing […]

The Self-Proclaimed Genius of Lil Dicky

“I feel like I’m the comedic voice of my generation,” says Dave Burd before so much as our water glasses are filled. Then he hesitates, recognizing how a declaration so seemingly hyperbolic might be interpreted. “You’ll read it and be like, ‘This guy’s out of his mind,’ ” he says, “and, really, I don’t mean […]

Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists: Why Sydney Sweeney, Sadie Sink, Anne Hathaway, Angela Bassett and Jodie Turner-Smith Love Their Image Makers

Rewear, repeat, three-peat … The verbiage summing up what’s new on the red carpet in the past year happens to center on what’s old, or at least previously worn. Sustainability and vintage were at the forefront of Hollywood fashion throughout awards season. THR‘s Stylist of the Year Elizabeth Stewart worked with Tár best actress nominee […]

Ben Affleck on ‘Air,’ New CEO Gig and Those Memes: “I Am Who I Am”

It’s been 25 years since Ben Affleck became the youngest person to win the Oscar for best original screenplay at age 25 for Good Will Hunting, which he wrote with Matt Damon; 16 years since he directed his critically acclaimed first feature, Gone Baby Gone; and a decade since he won best picture for Argo, […]

Ali Wong Gets Dramatic

“Do you have a breast pump?” This is how Ali Wong greets my visibly third-trimester self when we meet up at Etta in Culver City for lunch in February. By the time we make it to our table, she is already whipping out her phone to text her assistant to deliver a pump to my […]

Everybody Hearts Paul Mescal

On the day he turned 16, Paul Mescal was on a stage, being presented with a cake by the cast and crew of his high school production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. “That’s the first thing I ever did, so I actually take great pride in it,” says Mescal of his […]

Andrea Riseborough: Oscar’s Most Talked-About Nominee Breaks Her Silence

Andrea Riseborough — the shapeshifting actress whose name is on everyone’s lips — has lived in Los Angeles since 2010. But right now she’s back in her native England, where she’s filming the HBO miniseries The Palace, a period political satire co-starring Kate Winslet. A swanky hotel tucked discreetly at the end of a narrow […]

Harrison Ford: “I Know Who the F*** I Am”

“I try to arrive with an empty mind and an open heart,” says Harrison Ford when asked what he’s thinking as he sits down for the interview. Then he sarcastically challenges: “Shatter my illusions.” The iconic actor, you might have heard, isn’t hugely fond of chatting with the press, particularly when reporters try hard to crawl […]

Jane Fonda on Cancer Battle, Privilege and Coming Into Her Own at 85

In a brief scene in her new movie 80 for Brady, Jane Fonda appears onscreen without her makeup or hair done, a collection of flowing blond wigs hung conspicuously on a rack behind her. It’s a surprisingly vulnerable moment in an otherwise broad studio comedy and a scene that Fonda specifically requested. In most of […]

Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to Fighting Form: “I’ve Earned the Right to Stand Where I Am”

Two decades after her character’s retirement, the woman behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer still can’t help but come to the rescue. Sarah Michelle Gellar arrives early to Blue Ribbon Sushi — she is always early — wearing a camel trench, striped sweater and a welcoming smile. Merely on time, I join her with an iPhone […]

Austin Butler, Colin Farrell, Brendan Fraser, Jeremy Pope, Ke Huy Quan, Adam Sandler and THR’s Actor Roundtable

The six participants on this Oscar season’s edition of THR’s Actor Roundtable can speak to a wide variety of showbiz experiences. Ranging in age from 30 to 56, some started out as child actors (Everything Everywhere All at Once’s Key Huy Quan and Elvis’ Austin Butler), others have anchored big studio blockbusters (Hustle’s Adam Sandler […]