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Sponsored: American Airlines Launches Flagship First Dining Experience at JFK International Airport

"It's an experience unlike any other," says director of premium services Nick Richards on the airline's new dining experience.

Hayden Chef Seeks to Create Place of Community | THR Eats

Ari Kolender, chef and partner at Hayden, says that his Los Angeles restaurant is "an expression of what I think the neighborhood needs."

Kismet Chefs: “You Just Have to Decide You’re Going to Do Something, Then Make it Happen” | THR Eats

"All of our food really is designed to be shared," Kismet chef Sara Kramer told THR.

The Ponte Chef Scott Conant Is Inspired by “Warmth, Grace, Kindness” | THR Eats

The James Beard Award-winning chef also says, for him, it's all about making the food "at a high level and making it taste good."

Which of L.A.’s Top Sushi Restaurants Mislabel More Than Half Their Fish

THR tested samples of five common fish species from eight highly rated spots (including Sugarfish, Hamasaku and Katsuya) and found that 60 percent of specimens didn't match what was listed on the menu.

Live Chickens, Home-Grown Herb Garden and More at Downtown L.A. Restaurant Manuela | THR Eats

The restaurant can be found in Downtown's Hauser Wirth & Schimmel gallery's courtyard and is named after the gallery's Swiss partner Manuela Wirth.