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THR Editor Picks of 2020

2020’s Big Plot Twist: How ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Came to Upend Hollywood’s Future

As the long-delayed DC Comics sequel 'Wonder Woman 1984' finally debuts  —  on HBO Max and in theaters  —  it serves as the litmus test for an unprecedented release strategy. Top studio brass weigh in on whether the "movie" business will ever be the same.

“He’s Radioactive”: Inside Johnny Depp’s Self-Made Implosion

 It wasn't just the erratic and violent behavior that unmade Johnny Depp as one of the world's most bankable stars. It was his unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Christopher Nolan Rips HBO Max as “Worst Streaming Service,” Denounces Warner Bros.’ Plan

Christopher Nolan is criticizing WarnerMedia as talent and their reps feel blindsided by its HBO Max streaming announcement. 

“He Makes You Feel Like You’re Questioning Your Sanity”: Mark Burnett’s Disruptive Reign at MGM

Mark Burnett's Chaotic Reign at MGM: Five years after joining MGM as the chairman of worldwide television, the reality uber-producer has not only failed to deliver a hit, he has become as an agent of chaos at a company in search of a buyer: “All the disruption has to do with this voracious appetite Mark has for things he’s not even good at.”

The Tao of LaKeith Stanfield: An Ascendant Actor on Forging His Own Path

By adhering to his own code — maintain focus but never follow the herd — Atlanta and Get  Out star LaKeith  Stanfield has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most sought-after young actors and one of its more idiosyncratic personalities. 

Joel Stein Mourns Quibi: “I’m the Only One Who Didn’t Sell Them Stuff”

Joel Stein laments the death of the Quibi streaming service before he could cash in, and not for lack of trying.

Shonda Rhimes Is Ready to “Own Her S***”: The Game-Changing Showrunner on Leaving ABC, “Culture Shock” at Netflix and Overcoming Her Fears

Three years into her groundbreaking deal and with her first projects finally arriving, the uber writer-producer talks about meeting her own high expectations and a newfound passion for her work: "Now I just want to enjoy this."

“Being Othered in a Hair and Makeup Trailer”: An Oral History of Styling and Beautifying Black Stars in Hollywood

White hairstylists backing away from doing Black hair. Makeup artists resorting to mixing special FX product. Black style and fashion veterans recount struggles, yet signs of change are peeping through. 

Charlotte Kirk, Kevin Tsujihara and a Nonconsensual Sex Allegation That Sparked a Secret Legal Saga

The actress has filed an explosive petition to vacate a gag order that has kept her mostly silent amid a years-long battle with former Warner Bros. chief Kevin Tsujihara as well as film moguls James Packer, Brett Ratner and Avi Lerner.

Lights, Camera … COVID! The Perils of Shooting Amid a Pandemic

As film and TV production resumes after the novel coronavirus lockdown, uncertainty about industrywide safety protocols has led to chaos, but insiders say Hollywood is quickly adapting to the new normal: "Everyone's trying to figure it out at the same time."

Rot at Hollywood’s “Playground”: Chateau Marmont Staff Allege Racial Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct and Neglectful Management

The Chateau Marmont is famed for its exclusivity and excess, but after mass layoffs, former employees reveal how debauchery at the iconic hangout went hand in hand with toxic and neglectful management. 

“This Is the Best Part I’ve Ever Had”: Chris Rock Talks ‘Fargo,’ Aging and Why He’s Spending 7 Hours a Week in Therapy

Chris Rock gets serious in the new season of FX’s 'Fargo' and in his personal life, as Hollywood’s self-described "Black shrink" opens up about wrestling with a recent learning disorder diagnosis, learning to swim in his 50s and reassessing, in seven hours of weekly therapy, the childhood traumas he once joked about