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Drugs, Death and Denial at a Rehab for the Rich

THR The film star, who had recently appeared in multiple blockbuster franchises, arrived in late 2019 at the Red Door, a high-end sober living home just off the Sunset Strip, to battle his heroin

Hollywood’s Socialism Boom: Emboldened Leftists Agitate for Radical Change

The chants are beginning in front of the Chateau Marmont. It’s the evening of June 25 and masked protesters are marching on the sidewalk outside the legendary Hollywood hangout, which has…

Shielding Scott Rudin: How the Super-Producer Avoided Answering for Abusive Behavior for Decades

In September 2019, Eric Emauni was rolling calls when his boss, Scott Rudin, ordered him to get media mogul Barry Diller on the line. Immediately. So the assistant did just that. The only problem…

Stripped Down: The Undoing of Hollywood’s Favorite Pole-Dancing Studio

Nadia Mitri says it was her experience on the dance floor in a Hawaii hotel ballroom with a veteran Hollywood actress that led to the darkest interlude of her life. In 2015, at a wellness retreat

Kevin Spacey’s Strange New World: From Triple Threat to Legal Challenges on Three Fronts

The two-time Oscar winner has reached a "critical mass" of legal challenges over allegations of sexual misconduct that make it unlikely he will ever work again.

Ex-Staff Decry “Heartbreaking” Treatment at Abigail Disney’s Level Forward

The company, co-founded with Adrienne Becker to back inclusive projects and promote an equitable workplace, now finds itself reckoning with internal missteps. Says…

Dalton Trumbo, ‘The Brave One’ and the Greatest Mystery in Oscar History

How Robert Rich's 1957 story win for the film (despite the fact that he didn't write a word) kicked off one of Hollywood's most intriguing credit battles — and why it remains unsolved.

Asian Americans in Media: “You Can’t Extricate the Humanity of Yourself From the Journalist”

Reporters are trained never to become the story, but as newsrooms cover violence against Asian Americans, journalists of Asian heritage find themselves — and their…

“Everyone Just Knows He’s an Absolute Monster”: Scott Rudin’s Ex-Staffers Speak Out on Abusive Behavior

Even as other Hollywood bullies are being sidelined, the uber-producer behind 'The Social Network' and Broadway’s 'To  Kill a Mockingbird' has been given a pass for…

From Opioid Crisis to Hollywood: Heir to Purdue Pharma Undergoes “Identity Makeover”

Film financier Michael Sackler has refashioned himself as a self-styled ethical investor, but some see an attempt to escape accountability for his family’s role in the OxyContin scourge: "Privilege…

Saving Joel Silver: The Twisted Saga That Entangled Ari Emanuel, Ron Meyer, Anthony Pellicano and Even Mohammed bin Salman

When the former power producer couldn't settle his beef with Canadian billionaire Daryl Katz, a who's who of industry players became embroiled in the feud. The…

The Guru of Toluca Lake: Acolytes Allege a Hollywood Acting Coach Became a False Prophet

Candace Silvers, to her devotees, is a brash mentor leading a breakthrough self-improvement movement. But for dozens of former followers, she’s something far more troubling: "People are being…