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Netflix’s Big Wake-Up Call: The Power Clash Behind the Crash

As rivals toggle between schadenfreude and fear, top creators and insiders are increasingly becoming vocal about what’s gone wrong with the streaming giant’s culture.

Unhoused Sweeps Become Flashpoint for Film Shoots in Los Angeles

The clearing of a tent encampment near a Freeform series highlights Hollywood’s friction with unhoused residents: “There are sweeps happening for filming all the time.”

The Real Mission Impossible: Saying “No” to Tom Cruise

How the franchise superstar lawyered-up and out-gunned Paramount execs over costs, COVID and a last-minute submarine.

Did Oscar Winner Asghar Farhadi Steal the Idea for ‘A Hero’?

A former student sues the Iranian auteur for pilfering her premise for his recent short-listed drama — an allegation he rejects — and risks 74 lashes if she loses the case.

Puppet Makers Rise Up Against the Puppet Masters

As they push for unionization, craftspeople at the The Jim Henson Company say they are treated as an underclass, subject to abuse and unsafe conditions: "The job of the wrangler is eating sh** and taking blame."

How Saudi Arabia Misappropriated a SXSW Doc for “Nefarious Purposes”

A Saudi army officer made the case to bomb a port in Yemen using misidentified footage from 'Severe Clear,' a documentary about the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

Beverly Hills Spy: How a WWII-Era James Bond Betrayed the Allies

To his glamorous friends in Hollywood, Frederick Rutland was a dashing British war hero and a fixture of L.A. high society. To his Japanese handlers, he was Agent Shinkawa, an asset who provided critical intelligence in the lead-up to Pearl Harbor.

Chris Noth Accused of Sexual Assault by Two Women

Triggered by the recent 'Sex and the City' reboot, the women allege two incidents of misconduct they say took place more than a decade apart.

#MeToo Missed Us: Female Composers Speak Out

Composers say their vital but often overlooked corner of the industry — still only 1.7 percent female — is rife with harassment, exploitation and worse: "I don’t believe in cancel culture, but I definitely believe in consequence culture."

Hollywood’s Sobering New Reality of Fentanyl Lacing: “Don’t Gamble If You Don’t Have a Stash From Pre-2020”

The ultra-powerful synthetic painkiller is increasingly mixed with other drugs, from cocaine to Xanax and Adderall, leading to a spate of high-profile overdoses and deaths across the entertainment community: "People often don’t know that they’re taking it."

‘Rust’ Producers’ Prior Film Raised Red Flags

Insiders say the never-released Dennis Quaid-Queen Latifah project 'The Tiger Rising' is emblematic of an indie film world marked by late payments, broken promises and ineffectual union intervention: “It is disgusting how you are treating the entire crew”

‘Rust’ Shines Spotlight on Opaque Indie Film Financing Scheme

Insiders say the model used on the Alec Baldwin Western, which relies on an obscure provision in the U.S. tax code to offer breaks for investors, is like playing "the audit lottery."