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Tim Simons

‘Veep’ Character Jonah Ryan Cheers Senate Voting to End Daylight Saving Time

No one would be happier to hear about the end of daylight saving time than Veep‘s Jonah Ryan. He’s so happy, in fact, that the fictional politician has reemerged on Twitter to applaud the Senate’s passing of the Sunshine Protection Act. “Our long national nightmare and daymare is over,” declares the former vice president of […]

“I Get Angry at Myself When I Play It Safe”: Jim Carrey, Sacha Baron Cohen and The Hollywood Reporter Comedy Actor Roundtable

Jim Carrey, Henry Winkler, Ted Danson, Don Cheadle, Sacha Baron Cohen and Timothy Simons open up about why comedy should be dangerous, Hollywood’s former drug culture and moving on from indelible roles in The Hollywood Reporter's Comedy Actor Roundtable.

‘Veep’: How a Trump Pitch Evolved Into the HBO Comedy’s #MeToo Take

Timothy Simons speaks to The Hollywood Reporter about 'Veep's' #MeToo-inspired storyline with Jonah Ryan.

Timothy Simons on How ‘Veep’ Has Become “Aspirational” in Trump’s America

The actor, who plays Jonah Ryan on the HBO political satire, talks real and show politics — and weighs in on his new "funhouse" of a romantic storyline.

The Men of ‘Veep’: Tony Hale, Gary Cole and 5 More on Their Best Insults, Trump vs. Selina

Seven funnyman foils suit up for a comedy council on the inner workings of HBO's D.C. parody, from what scandal would finally take Selina down to the difference between the show's president and the country's real-life leader: "One is a f—ing clown ... and the other is played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus."