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Tokyo Film Festival 2019

‘I’m Livin’ It’: Film Review | Tokyo 2019

Hong Kong stars Aaron Kwok and Miriam Yeung breathe life into Wong Hing-fan’s directing debut 'I'm Livin' It,' a drama about homeless people living in a fast-food joint of broken dreams.

‘A Sun’ (‘Yang Guang Pu Zhao’): Film Review | Tokyo 2019

In his fifth feature, 'A Sun,' Taiwanese director Chung Mong-hong finds tenderness and violence in a hard-working family whose two sons grow up facing in opposite directions.

‘Tezuka’s Barbara’ : Film Review | Tokyo 2019

Based on a classic 1974 adult manga by the godfather of Japanese comics Osamu Tezuka and directed by his son Macoto, 'Tezuka's Barbara' is a live-action adaptation and an erotic satire about a washed-up celebrity writer and his muse.

‘Killed My Wife’ (‘Anaereul Jukyessda’): Film Review | Tokyo 2019

Lee Si-eon and Ahn Nae-sang star in 'Killed My Wife,' South Korean director Kim Ha-ra’s debut thriller about a man who awakens with bloody hands, a dead wife and no memory.

‘Labyrinth of Cinema’: Film Review | Tokyo 2019

Three modern-day characters jump into a series of war films to experience the vicarious thrill of combat in Nobuhiko Obayashi’s anti-war opus 'Labyrinth of Cinema.'

Denmark’s ‘Uncle’ Wins Top Award at Tokyo Film Festival

'Uncle' by Denmark's Frelle Petersen won the top award at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival.

Tokyo: Japan’s Film and TV Industries Contribute $126 Billion to Economy

Film and television production and distribution contributed $125.8 billion (13.7 trillion yen) to the Japanese economy in 2018 in both direct and indirect impact, according to a report released by the Japan and International MPA at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Tokyo: 5 Ramen Shops to Visit During the Festival

With the expert help of the popular Instagram account Ramen Beast, here is The Hollywood Reporter's guide to the best places to eat ramen in Roppongi during the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Tokyo Festival Chief Takeo Hisamatsu Talks New Animation Section, Netflix and “Quality Issue” of Japanese Films

Tokyo Film Festival director Takeo Hisamatsu spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Japan's current place in the international spotlight, the long-overdue dedicated animation section at TIFF, the presence of Netflix at TIFF and his candid views on the state of the country's film production.

‘A Beloved Wife’: Film Review | Tokyo 2019

Japanese writer-director Shin Adachi unveils the horrors of a sexless, immature marriage in his autobiographical comedy, 'A Beloved Wife.'

Tokyo Market Head Yasushi Shiina on Growing International Attendance, Bringing in Creators

TIFFCOM, Japan's largest film and TV content market, experienced another year of strong growth with a record number of exhibitors despite the disruption caused by both the coronation of Emperor Naruhito and the ongoing Rugby World Cup being held in the country.

Tokyo: Macoto Tezka Talks Competition Redemption, ‘Lion King’ vs. ‘Kimba’ Controversy

The son of manga pioneer Osamu Tezuka is in competition at the festival with an adaptation of one of his father's works.