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Tom Arnold

How Death of His Sister Inspired Bob Saget’s Tireless Mission to Find Cure for Scleroderma

Dr. Luke Evnin not only hoped it would happen, he could picture it. Someday in the not-too-distant future, maybe 10 or 15 years, he and longtime friend Bob Saget would catch up and reminisce about their contributions that led to a cure for scleroderma, the rare and sometimes life-threatening autoimmune disorder that largely affects the […]

Tom Arnold Talks Struggle of Being Chris Farley’s Sponsor

Tom Arnold revealed in a recent interview with Howard Stern that, for a time, he was the late Chris Farley’s sober sponsor. Arnold stopped by Stern’s SiriusXM program Wednesday, where he talked about how close the two were. It was actually Saturday Night Live creator-executive producer Lorne Michaels who asked Arnold to look out for […]

‘Dead Ant’: Film Review

Tom Arnold and Sean Astin star in 'Dead Ant,' Ron Carlson's campy horror comedy about giant ants terrorizing aging rockers in the California desert.

Tom Arnold Responds to That Secret Service Visit Over His Tweets

Tom Arnold on Monday issued a statement in which he thanked the hard work and dedication of the Secret Service after he was apparently paid a visit last week over some of his tweets concerning President Donald Trump.

L.A. City Attorney Declines Tom Arnold’s Assault Case Against Mark Burnett

The case of assault filed by Tom Arnold against Mark Burnett has been declined by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office because of a lack of evidence.

MIA Market: ‘Icarus’ Director Touts Netflix’s Oscar Power, Denies Taping Tom Arnold’s Mark Burnett Scuffle

Bryan Fogel touted Netflix's Oscar power and denied that speculation that he taped Tom Arnold's Mark Burnett scuffle at the Rome Film Festival's MIA Market.

Tom Arnold Gets Into Heated Exchange With Pro-Trump Superman Actor Dean Cain (Video)

"I'm not a racist person; I never have been," an irritated Cain told Arnold.

Tom Arnold Details Alleged Mark Burnett Assault: “Out of His F—ing Mind” (Exclusive)

"He grabbed my windpipe hard. Maybe it was something he learned in the U.K. Special Forces," says 'The Hunt for the Trump Tapes' host Tom Arnold of reality TV mega-producer Mark Burnett's "kung-fu grip" during an altercation at a pre-Emmys party on Sunday.

‘The Hunt for the Trump Tapes With Tom Arnold’: TV Review

Is Tom Arnold's new Vice show 'The Hunt for the Trump Tapes' a less-than-informative Michael Moore-style documentary investigation or a less-than-amusing Larry David-style scripted comedy? And does it matter?

Tom Arnold Files Battery Charge Against Mark Burnett

Tom Arnold on Monday morning filed assault charges against 'Apprentice' producer Mark Burnett over an alleged confrontation the two had Sunday night at a pre-Emmys party.

Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett Scuffled at Pre-Emmys Party

Tom Arnold and Roma Downey are each making accusations of physical attacks that also involved Downey's husband, The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett, at a pre-Emmys party on Sunday night.

Tom Arnold Slams Mark Burnett for Protecting Trump in Rambling ‘Live!’ Appearance

Tom Arnold stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Wednesday night, where he railed against former 'The Apprentice' producer Mark Burnett and insisted that the so-called "golden shower" tape exists.