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Tom Cavanagh

Critic’s Notebook: TV’s Next Fresh Ideas Might Lie in Its Past

It's been years, in some cases decades, since these series wrapped, but their rich premises are as timely and resonant as ever — and ripe for reimagining.

‘The Flash’ Producers Tease Zoom’s “Reign of Terror,” Man in the Iron Mask Reveal

"This is insanity and we're trusting everything based on Harry's say-so that it's all going to be fine," EP Andrew Kreisberg says of the shocking twist.

Rep Sheet Roundup: ‘The Flash’ Star Tom Cavanagh Signs With NMA PR

THR’s at-a-glance look at the week in representation news.

‘The Flash’: Will Reverse-Flash Questions Linger After Finale?

Tom Cavanagh weighs in on Eobard’s master plan: "He's been using the wealth of his mental ammunition to plot what happens in the next few episodes."

‘The Games Maker’: Hong Kong Review

Tom Cavanagh, Ed Asner and Joseph Fiennes headline a wild adventure yarn

‘The Flash’ Stars, EP on Surprise Death, Reverse-Flash’s Master Plan

Tom Cavanaugh, Andrew Kreisberg and Candice Patton weigh in Dr. Wells' "heartbreaking" bombshell and how time travel will affect the rest of the season.

‘The Flash’: Time Travel and Reverse-Flash to Change Everything

Grant Gustin and EP Andrew Kreisberg say much of the season's storytelling culminates Tuesday: "The audience will learn a lot of new information."

‘The Flash’ Eyeing Other Speedsters for Season Two

Wally West or Bart Allen could speed into the CW series.

‘The Flash’: See Tom Cavanagh as Reverse-Flash (Photo)

Dr. Wells steps out as the arch nemesis in Tuesday's episode.

‘The Flash’: Felicity Visits Barry’s Central City Digs for the First Time (Exclusive)

Barry: "Check this out, we've got our own satellite," Felicity: "I know, I've hacked into it from time to time"

‘The Flash’ Stars and EPs Break Down the Premiere’s Final Moment

"There's obviously more that meets the eye when you see Harrison Wells"