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Top Gun 2

Anthony Edwards Jokingly Pitches Ghost Goose for ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

"Tell America you feel the need, the need for ghost Goose."

Val Kilmer Confuses Fans as to Whether He’ll Be in ‘Top Gun 2’

"Have no fear," says the 55-year-old actor. "Jerry Bruckheimer has a 50 billion dollar history behind him. And tom hasn't done too badly neither! They will make something to buy pop corn for on a Sunday for sure!"

‘Top Gun 2’ Producer Talks Tom Cruise Role, Drones

Maverick will take on drones, says Skydance CEO David Ellison.

‘Top Gun 2’ Lands ‘Jungle Book’ Writer (Exclusive)

Skydance is producing the sequel to the 1980s classic with Jerry Bruckheimer

It’s Official: Jerry Bruckheimer, Paramount Reach First-Look Deal

His upcoming films for the studio include a new "Beverly Hills Cop," with Eddie Murphy, and the planned "Top Gun" sequel, starring Tom Cruise.

Tony Scott Spent Final Days Working With Tom Cruise on ‘Top Gun 2’

The duo were in Nevada late last week touring a Naval air station as part of their research for the movie.

Paramount’s Adam Goodman Opens Up About ‘Top Gun 2,’ ‘Transformers 4’ and Possibly Cutting Ties With DreamWorks Animation (Q&A)

The Paramount Film Group president talks to THR about fighting studio stagnation and reveals news on Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" and a Shia-less "Transformers."

‘Top Gun 2’ to Be Written By ‘The Town’ Scribe

Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Skydance Productions will produce the sequel to the 1986 Tom Cruise hit.