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Travon Free

Kendrick Lamar, Taylor Swift, Jeremy Lin, Naomi Osaka Shorts Have Qualified for Oscar Consideration (Exclusive)

The three Oscar categories that recognize films which run 40 minutes or shorter — best live action short, best documentary short and best animated short — are often regarded as “minor,” but this year’s contenders for them will include some major names. On the heels of recent Academy Awards ceremonies at which Oscars for short films […]

Filmmaker Travon Free Remembers Louie Anderson: “One of the Kindest, Warmest and Funniest People”

Hollywood is mourning Louie Anderson following his death on Friday. The actor and stand-up comedian rose to fame as a comic before co-creating the animated series Life With Louie, hosting a revival of Family Feud and making an Emmy-winning turn as Christine Baskets on the FX series Baskets. Anderson had been undergoing cancer treatment after […]

Travon Free Signs First-Look Producing Deal With Endeavor Content

The writer-director became the first Black winner in the best live-action short category when his 'Two Distant Strangers' film collected the Academy Award on Sunday night.

‘Two Distant Strangers’ Directors’ Oscars Tuxedos Honor 17 Black Americans Killed by Police

Travon Free and Martin Desmond Roe, whose film followed a Black man who was killed over and over by a police officer, worked with Dolce & Gabbana on custom tuxes, with the name of Daunte Wright added at the last minute.

‘Two Distant Strangers’ Filmmaker Says Chauvin Verdict Represents Step in the Right Direction

Travon Free, an Emmy-winning writer, is Oscar-nominated for a short film that he wrote in the immediate aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.