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The Emmys Revert to (Bad) Form (Analysis)

THR television critic Tim Goodman writes that a few nice surprises can't cover up for lack of vision and rubber-stamping.

Agnieszka Holland’s ‘In Darkness’ to Be Poland’s 2012 Oscar Candidate

Sony Classics will bow the World War II drama in the U.S.

Emmys: Love for the Longest of Shots, Vol. 1: Lucia Micarelli of ‘Treme’

They won't get nominated, but we'd love it if they did.

How ‘Treme’ Found Greatness In Ordinary People And Counterintuitive Storytelling

THR's chief TV critic Tim Goodman also explains an intriguing little mystery behind the scenes of the series from creators David Simon and Eric Overmyer.

Updated: Everything We Know We Learned From Television 

A list of TV items said without fear, by THR's chief TV critic Tim Goodman.

The Power Rankings! The Magnificent Seven Rides to the Rescue

Plus, THR's chief TV critic has watched three episodes of Steven Spielberg's upcoming "Falling Skies." Will it make the rankings?

Inside the Critics Choice TV Awards: ‘No Horsetrading,’ No ‘Treme’

A Critics Choice TV awards voter explains how the new rival group to the Emmys came up with today's list of nominees.

Emmy Roundtable: Why Julianna Margulies Turns Down Movie Roles (Video)

Katey Sagal, Christina Hendricks, Melissa Leo, Connie Britton, Regina King and Kelly Macdonald reveal the best advice they've ever received, their secrets to learning lines and how they balance fame…

The Power Rankings! Vacation Version. Wherein We Bring the Weak Stuff.

The HBO drama and AMC's "The Killing" reign over this week's list.


TV REVIEW: The ambitious drama returns for Season 2 even tighter and more evocative than before.

Can HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Upset the Emmy Race?

Even some who hate HBO's Tolkien-meets-"The Sopranos" series think it might just score at the Emmys.