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Trey Parker

New ‘South Park’ Made-For-TV-Film Dropping in June on Paramount+

South Park fans can rejoice, a new made-for-TV film is on its way to Paramount+ this spring. South Park: The Streaming Wars will drop exclusively on the streaming service on June 1, MTV Entertainment Studios announced Wednesday. This marks the third of 14 films creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone agreed to when they signed […]

Hollywood Stars One Award Away From an EGOT

A list of the Hollywood stars who just need one award to have an EGOT — an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

‘South Park’ Creators to Host Bash at Red Rocks Amphitheatre to Celebrate Show’s 25th Anniversary

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are bringing the party back home to celebrate their iconic cartoon sitcom turning 25 this summer. It was announced Wednesday that the duo — along with bands Ween and Primus — will hold South Park: The 25th Anniversary Concert on Aug. 10 at Red Rocks, the legendary […]

‘South Park’ Mocks Vladimir Putin and Threat of Nuclear War

South Park dove headfirst into the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as only creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are capable. In Wednesday’s episode, “Back to the Cold War,” South Park mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin for getting older and being more aggressive because his “dick doesn’t work the way it used to.” South […]

‘South Park’ Returns With Regular Season Episodes, Skewering Matt Damon and Cryptocurrency

South Park returned with its first regular season episode since 2019 — and no time was wasted mocking Matt Damon and his recent cryptocurrency commercial. In Wednesday’s season 25 premiere, “Pajama Day,” on Comedy Central, the boys’ fourth-grade class loses its privilege to wear PJs to the school’s pajama day, sending the class into a […]

‘South Park’ Enlists Full Orchestra, Singers for “Kyle’s Mom’s a B****” Rendition Ahead of New Season (Exclusive)

Have you ever met my friend Kyle’s mom? To celebrate the upcoming 25th season of South Park, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone assembled a group of Broadway stars, along with a 30-piece orchestra, to perform the series’ classic tune “Kyle’s Mom’s a Bitch.” Arranged by Broadway veteran Stephen Oremus, the (classy) “Kyle’s Mom” rendition […]

‘South Park’ Returns in February With First New Weekly Episodes Since 2019

Fans are going back down to South Park to have themselves a time. It was announced on Friday that the Comedy Central cartoon staple is (finally) returning for weekly episodes starting Feb. 2 after, like most others, the production was impacted by the pandemic. Making the return that much sweeter. South Park is turning 25 […]

Some ‘South Park’ Fans Struggling With One Character’s Depressing Altered Future in Latest Paramount+ Movie

[This story contains spoilers for South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID.]  Some South Park fans are having a hard time with where a central character ended up at the conclusion of the recent made-for-TV film South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID.  Premiering on Paramount+ on Thursday, the hourlong second half of Trey […]

‘South Park’ Movie Mocks NFTs as Nonsensical Investments

[This story contains spoilers for South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID.] It seems Trey Parker and Matt Stone are not buying into the nonfungible token (NFT) craze and skewered the space in South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID — the second of 14 made-for-TV films from the duo to be released […]

‘South Park’ Dropping ‘Post COVID’ Part II Movie Next Week

Oh, my God! There is more South Park next week! South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID — the second of 14 made-for-TV films from Trey Parker and Matt Stone exclusively for streamer Paramount+ — will premiere on Dec. 16. “If Stan, Kyle and Cartman could just work together, they could go back in […]

Stephen Sondheim Told Trey Parker He Voted for ‘Team America’ for Best Picture

From one popular musical creator to another, Stephen Sondheim thought Book of Mormon director Trey Parker’s Team America: World Police was the best film of its year. The late Broadway legend shared his Oscars vote for the 2004 action-comedy written and directed by the South Park co-creator in a personal letter to Parker that was published […]

‘South Park: Post Covid’ Film Paints Stark, Bland (Hilarious) Pandemic Future

[This story contains spoilers for South Park: Post Covid.] It is going to be a long 40 years — at least that is how South Park sees it concerning the pandemic. South Park: Post Covid, the first of 14 made-for-TV films from Trey Parker and Matt Stone, premiered Thursday exclusively on Paramount+, giving a stark, […]