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True Detective

‘True Detective’: New Information Leads to Still More Questions

Potentially momentous events across all three 'True Detective' timelines raise more questions than they answer as season three of the HBO anothology hits the halfway mark.

‘True Detective’ Builds a Case and Breaks a Relationship

[This story contains spoilers for the Jan. 20 episode of HBO's True Detective, "The Big Never."] The case of Will and Julie Purcell deepened and became more complex in Sunday's True Detective

TV Ratings: ‘True Detective’ Opens Lower, ‘Dirty John’ Finishes Strong

Bravo's most successful scripted show, 'Dirty John,' capped its run with series highs, while HBO's premiere of the latest 'True Detective' season came in lower than previous installments.

‘True Detective’: Why Season 3 Feels So Familiar

'True Detective' season three conjures memories of season one, and with good reason.

Did ‘True Detective’ Just Connect Season 3 to Season 1?

A passing mention in the 'True Detective' season three premiere suggests it might be connected to the first season. But don't think too hard about it, the show's executive producer says.

‘True Detective,’ Mahershala Ali Mark Time in Moody Premiere

'True Detective' executive producer Scott Stephens tells The Hollywood Reporter why locations are key to the show and marvels at Mahershala Ali's performance.

‘True Detective’: All the Changes for Season 3

'True Detective' returns to HBO Sunday for its third season — one that looks and feels substantially different from its second installment back in 2015, but shares a number of elements with the first…

This Week in TV: ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘True Detective’ and a Second Premiere Week

'The Bachelor,' 'True Detective,' 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' are among more than 20 season and series debuts the week of Jan. 7, the de facto second premiere week of the 2018-19 TV season.

‘True Detective’ Season 3: TV Review

Nic Pizzolatto's American gothic anthology series 'True Detective' returns to HBO as a strong Arkansas-set showcase for Mahershala Ali that still struggles to make its central mystery compelling.

‘True Detective’: 3 Takeaways from the New Season 3 Trailer

'True Detective' has released a full-length trailer for season three that somewhat clarifies the new case at the heart of it.

‘True Detective’ Season 3 Trailer Debuts

Watch the first footage from the third season of HBO's 'True Detective.'

Netflix’s ‘Maniac’ Releases First-Look Photos

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star in the series from 'True Detective' director Cary Fukunaga.