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Upfronts 2016

TV Upfronts: 8 Studio Chiefs Sound Off on Trends, Surprises and the Pass That Stung the Most

With the networks' dog-and-pony shows behind them, the studio heads talk with THR about the trends that have them scratching their heads and the new series that have them envious.

Fox Fall Schedule Shakeup: ‘Pitch’ Moved Up, ‘Bones’ Final Run Benched for Winter

The revised schedule comes just four days after the broadcaster unveiled their fall schedule to advertisers.

TV Upfronts: The 10 Newcomers Generating the Most Heat

Each network has two shows that has them particularly confident — or at least wildly passionate.

TV Upfronts: Fox’s ‘Lethal Weapon’ Tops Social Buzz

Not surprisingly, shows based on existing IP are resonating most with digital audiences.

Upfronts 2016: TV’s Fall Schedules, Trailers and Key Takeaways

A handy guide to NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS and The CW's grand plans for 2016-17.

Critic’s Notebook: Why Being Critical of Broadcast Television Matters

Despite the sad state of affairs that the upfronts couldn't truly mask, some smart moves might be happening with the networks.

The CW’s New Show Trailers: A Critic’s Ranking

Between 'No Tomorrow,' 'Frequency' and 'Riverdale,' which CW trailer reigned supreme?

TV Upfronts: Networks Place Bigger Bets on Midseason

'24: Legacy' and the DC Comics workplace comedy 'Powerless' are among the new shows being held for later launches.

Watch Trailers for The CW’s New Shows

Get a first look at the network's 'Frequency' remake.

The CW Upfront Sells a Mix of Girl Power and DC Crossover Potential

With 'Supergirl,' the network now has four nights of comic fare — something it plans to exploit in a massive crossover set for fall.

TV’s Upfront Takeaways: Reboots, Time Travel and a Whole Lot of Dick Wolf

"Decisions came down to the wire," says ABC's new chief as networks shed a shocking 35 shows and replace them with a familiar new crop that, for the most part, they own.

CBS’ New Show Trailers: A Critic’s Ranking

From a Kevin James multicam to a Michael Weatherly procedural, CBS new shows belong on CBS.