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Wall Street Money Never Sleeps

Oliver Stone: Less Crazy After All These Years

Yes, Oliver Stone will tell you about losing his virginity to a call girl, smoking grass, doing ecstasy and everything about his colorful life in between. But nowadays, Savages' controversial director is mellower, happier and has nothing to hide: "I'm not a Prozac person anymore."

Oliver Stone Revisits 4 of His Past Films

From 1986's "Salvador" to 1989's "Born on the Fourth of July," the filmmaker shares stories about his past projects: endless rain, budget troubles and letting an actress go because she wouldn't rehearse properly.

‘Wall Street’ Star Michael Douglas Records Financial Fraud PSA (Video)

Actor Michael Douglas recorded a public service announcement Monday playing upon his Wall Street character Gordon Gekko in order to highlight the dangers of securities fraud.

Shia La Beouf: 10 Pivotal Roles From the ‘Transformers’ Star’s Career (Videos)

From Disney Channel's "Even Stevens" to the latest "Transformers" flick, THR looks at the actor's key projects.

Michael Douglas’ Ex-wife Diandra Loses Bid for ‘Wall Street 2’ Earnings

The actor says the split was finalized before contractual discussions for the sequel began.

Michael Douglas to Be Honored at Palm Springs Festival

The actor will receive the Icon Award at a Jan. 13 tribute.

Golden Globes: The Film Nominees

We take a look at the movies that made the cut.

Oscar Smackdown: Frank Sinatra vs. Eli Wallach vs. James Kaplan

Eli Wallach collects an honorary Oscar, and calls bull on Frank Sinatra's new biographer -- who says Eli's agent blew his shot at the "From Here to Eternity" Oscar and handed it to Frank.

Oliver Stone: U.S. Is Going ‘More and More in Decline’

In an interview, director says the 'right wing is getting descructive' and also talks about India's impact on the world economy as well as movies.

Q&A: Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone will be honored with a lifetime achievement award at the Mumbai Film Festival.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Can you win two Oscars playing the same role? An actor rarely gets the opportunity to revive a breakthrough role in a way that allows him to rethink the character in terms of changes time has wrought and to reflect on where fatal flaws once lay. Michael Douglas does this brilliantly.