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Warner Home Video

‘Hobbit’ Dominates Blu-ray, DVD Charts

Les Miserables debuted at No. 2 while "Zero Dark Thirty" took No. 3.

‘Batman: The Dark Knight Returns’ Due on Blu-ray, DVD in September

Warner Premiere is set to release an adaptation of Frank Miller's iconic 1980s miniseries featuring Peter Weller ("Robocop") as the voice of the Caped Crusader.

‘The Blind Side’ Sparks Controversy as Christian Retailer Draws Criticism

Two years after the film's home video release, LifeWay has come under fire for pulling the PG 13-rated DVD from its shelves due to profanity and the use of a racial slur.

Warner Home Video Imposing ‘Oz’ Moratorium

The move is tied to the studio’s plans for the classic movie’s 75th anniversary celebration which will take place in 2014.

Netflix Shares Surging After a Blowout Quarter

The beleaguered company posts financial results that exceed expectations, sending the stock 15 percent higher after the closing bell.

Warner Bros.’ German, Austrian DVD Distribution Back With Cinram

Studio partner Technicolor sub-contracts with Cinram for territories.