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12 Standout Timepieces From Brands Loved by Pharrell Williams, Robert Downey Jr.

A timepiece can be opulent and garner a super-luxurious first impression as stars like Robert Downey Jr. wears De Bethune, Pharrell Williams approves Richard Mille, Zendaya adores Chopard and Usain Bolt is an ambassador for Hublot.

How Paul Newman and George Clooney Made Watches Sentimental

A "tangible connection" to past Hollywood generations, vintage timepieces like the late 'Cool Hand Luke' star's Rolex can fetch $17.75 million, while some insiders feel that auctioning an heirloom would be like "selling a body part."

‘Suicide Squad’ Star Joel Kinnaman on the Vintage Rolexes He’s Loved and Lost

The Netflix regular, who appears next in the streamer's sci-fi series 'Altered Carbon,' talks with THR about his tendency to misplace personal timepieces ("I forget everything except my lines") and venturing into new territory as an investor in Swedish watch company Carl Edmond.

25 Top Watches Hollywood Loves

From the front-and-center timepiece in Carpool Karaoke and the surprising oil-filled invention on the wrist of Fox’s CEO, celebrities and actors alike are upping their game when it comes to finely made timepieces.

12 Perfect Watches for Hollywood’s Executive Class

Style consultant Andrew Weitz of The Weitz Effect, whose clientele includes top Hollywood execs, advises on what to wear to the studio, for a weekend in Malibu and beyond.

Hollywood Flashback: When Kanye West Stood Out From the Pack With Ice-Free Watches

The hip hop artist and trendsetter chose to keep his Rolex timepieces simple while his peers opted for iced-out bling.

Top Watch Brands of Hollywood Film Fests

High-end watchmakers support movie festivals around the globe, with contributions to new director grants to manufacturing Cannes' coveted Palme d'Or trophy.

‘Criminal Minds’ Star Joe Mantegna’s No-B.S. Views on Product Placement

While some actors downplay what they get for free, Mantegna, a longtime watch lover, cuts to the chase: "It’s a fair exchange of product versus publicity."

The Race to Make the Thinnest Watch

Hoping that bragging rights translate into sales, the watch world is locked in a heated contest to create the slimmest timepieces ever as refined looks come back into fashion.

How a Vintage Rolex Obsession Can Drive You Crazy

"Once clients know what they want, they start stalking you," says a watch dealer, as the hunt for classic Rollies becomes a "frenzy."

The Personal Time Lines of Five A-List Watch Collectors

A conductor, a ballplayer, a producer, a reality star and a top attorney tick off how they got into watches, what they wear every day and what they are aching to buy now.

What Regina King, Tim Story Have in Their Hallowed Watch Collections

Five Hollywood players — from a pair of 'Shark Tank' hosts to billion-dollar director Story — share what timepieces have a special place on their wrists.