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William Shatner

William Shatner Criticizes Police Who Drew Guns on Cosplayer: “This Cannot Be Covered Up”

William Shatner on Wednesday shared his contempt over a recent incident in Alberta, Canada, where police drew their guns on a woman who was dressed as a 'Star Wars' Stormtrooper, carrying a toy…

William Shatner, Mia Farrow and More Hollywood Stars Pay Tribute to Brian Dennehy

In the wake of Brian Dennehy's death, Hollywood figures have taken to social media to pay tribute to the actor, who was known for such roles as basketball coach Bobby Knight, Chicago cop Jack Reed…

Patrick Stewart Reads Shakespeare Via Social Media to Calm Nerves Amid Coronavirus Standstill

Patrick Stewart is doing his part to try and help distract and calm fans during the coronavirus pandemic by reading Shakespeare to them.

William Shatner Gives Captain’s Log Updates as Kirk Amid Coronavirus Standstill

It would appear William Shatner is not quite through with Capt. James T. Kirk after all, with the actor offering Captain's Log updates amid the coronavirus standstill.

William Shatner Says His Captain Kirk Days Are Done

'Star Trek' fans hoping to see William Shatner play Capt. James T. Kirk one more time a la Patrick Stewart reprising his character in 'Picard' are in for a letdown.

“This Is Probably Going to Kill Us:” How First ‘Star Trek’ Movie Avoided Disaster

Forty years later, 'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' star William Shatner and visual effects director Douglas Trumbull recall the script woes, production delays and ballooning budget that almost…

When ‘Star Trek: Generations’ Nearly Stalled the Franchise

Twenty five years ago, 'Star Trek: Generations' put Captains Kirk and Picard in a shared universe movie — to mixed results.

‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Returning to Theaters for 40th Anniversary

'Star Trek: The Motion Picture' is returning to theaters this fall for a limited rerelease to celebrate the iconic film's 40th anniversary.

When ‘Star Trek V’ Nearly Killed the Franchise

Thirty years after William Shatner's directorial debut cratered at the box office, it's time to acknowledge the things that 'Star Trek V: The Final Frontier' got right.

Hollywood Jumps on E-Bike Craze: “It’s Such a Brilliant Way to Commute”

Hollywood stars such as Ellen DeGeneres and William Shatner are jumping on the E-Bike craze.

William Shatner Likens #MeToo Movement to French Revolution If Not Policed

Actor William Shatner on Saturday reaffirmed that he supports the #MeToo movement, but he has concerns that it has gone too far.

William Shatner to Release Christmas Album Titled ‘Shatner Claus’

William Shatner will release his first-ever Christmas album, 'Shatner Claus - The Christmas Album,' on Oct. 26.