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Wolf Blitzer

Jeff Zucker at CNN: Beyond the Shock, a Critic’s Suggestion

THR's Tim Goodman explains the best possible strategy for the news outlet's new president.

Obama vs. Romney: What the Pundits Are Saying About Second Debate

Most pundits declared Obama the winner, praising his comments on equal pay for women and Libya, but CNN's David Gergen said Romney had the winning strategy by focusing on jobs.

2012 Democratic Convention: What the Pundits Are Saying About Bill Clinton

CNN's Wolf Blitzer said it might have been the former president's best speech, but Fox News' Brit Hume called it "loaded with all kinds of snake oil."

Donald Trump Clashes with Wolf Blitzer Over Obama Birther Claims (Video)

The NBC reality star insults the CNN host's ratings, saying they would probably be higher if he reported the truth about the president's place of birth.

CNN Report of Racial Slur in Trayvon Martin Case Under Scrutiny (Video)

The cable news network twice enhanced audio of a 911 call placed by George Zimmerman and came up with two different results.

Newt Gingrich ‘F–ing A–hole’ Exchange Caught by CNN, Dissected by Media (Video)

A profane Iowan voter who is not a fan of the Republican presidential hopeful is a "hero" in some circles, an "unhinged jerk" in others.

CNN’s GOP Debate Lures 3.6 Million Viewers

UPDATED: Anderson Cooper's primetime news show wins its hour following the Wolf Blitzer-moderated debate.

Hurricane Irene: What Hollywood Is Saying On Twitter

As the East Coast preps for the storm, the industry has taken to social media to offer tips, jokes and concern.