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Wolff on Media

A Conversation With Kellyanne Conway: “I’m the Face of Trump’s Movement”

The president's counselor — now the most powerful (and ridiculed) woman in America — talks 'SNL,' "alternative facts," the "public cesspool" of Twitter and the apoplectic, outraged media: "I can go on any show at any time."

Ringside With Steve Bannon at Trump Tower as the President-Elect’s Strategist Plots “An Entirely New Political Movement” (Exclusive)

"I'm not a white nationalist, I'm a nationalist. I'm an economic nationalist," Bannon tells THR media columnist Michael Wolff as the controversial Breitbart News chief turned White House adviser unleashes on Hillary Clinton, Fox News and his critics.

Michael Wolff on Hillary’s “Self-Delusion,” Trump’s “S— Show” and the Media’s Final, Frantic 100 Days

It's a 'Duck Dynasty' vs. Lena Dunham election: Yes, Donald Trump's D-list convention was a flop by usual media standards, but Hillary Clinton's revisionist celebration actually was more tone-deaf as the disliked candidates careen toward November, their supporters dangerously oblivious.

The Donald Trump Conversation: Politics’ “Dark Heart” Is Having the Best Time Anyone’s Ever Had

At home in Beverly Hills, the candidate talks Murdoch, what he's reading, how he'll redo electoral math and Ari Emanuel's offer to script his convention.