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Woman Walks Ahead

Jessica Chastain Journeys to Paint Sitting Bull in ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ (Exclusive Clip)

Jessica Chastain is embarking on a new adventure and seeking to paint Sitting Bull in The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive first look at a clip from the DirecTV film, 'Woman Walks Ahead.'

Black Bicycle Entertainment Chief on Accidentally Spotlighting Female Filmmakers and Audiences

Upstart indie producer Erika Olde, of the Jessica Chastain starrer 'Woman Walks Ahead,' on why profitability requires patience and the impact of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

‘Woman Walks Ahead’: Film Review | TIFF 2017

Susanna White's 'Woman Walks Ahead' tells the story of Caroline Weldon (Jessica Chastain), a painter from New York who travels to South Dakota to do a portrait of Sitting Bull.

AFM First Look: Jessica Chastain Remains by Sitting Bull’s Side in ‘Woman Walks Ahead’ (Exclusive)

Susanna White directed the 19th-century period drama about an artist who moves from Brooklyn to the Standing Rock Reservation in the Dakotas to advise the Sioux chieftain.