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Women in Entertainment 2017

Women in Entertainment Mentorship Class Photo: Meet the Graduates and New Girls Getting “Wings to Fly”

Twenty-one high school juniors gather with seniors just completing THR's program, now entering its 10th year of pairing L.A. area high school girls with top female Hollywood execs.

33 of Entertainment’s Most Powerful Women on What They Wish Men in Hollywood Knew

"I wish men in Hollywood knew what it feels like to be the only one in the room," says actress-producer Reese Witherspoon, who weighed in alongside Shonda Rhimes and Elisabeth Moss.

How Embracing Female Sexuality Can Help Heal Hollywood Post-Weinstein (Guest Column)

Author Wednesday Martin on why feminist writer Nancy Friday, who died Nov. 5, and her startling vision of women's "perverse" desires could positively impact a male-dominated industry.

Why Are TV’s Top Male Executives Being Replaced by … Men?

The industry touts female empowerment, but a slew of new hirings proves there's a long way to go before women share control.

Creepy Agents, Shady Managers and the Plight of Hollywood’s Non-Famous Actresses

"Actors tolerate workplace harassment before we even have a chance to interview for the job," writes Lela Edgar as she opens up about her own encounters with sexual predation as a struggling…

3 Female Screenwriters on Crashing the Blockbuster Boys Club: “I Want to See a Female Darth Vader”

A trio of top writers whose credits include big-budget movies — the 'Tomb Raider' reboot, 'Planet of the Apes,' 'Transformers' — discuss biased notes, creating great heroines and why Judi Dench…

Campfires, Glow Sticks, ‘Llama Walks’ and Networking: Inside a Hollywood Working-Mom Getaway

When a cherished monthly dinner fell victim to high-powered careers and parenting duties, WME's Cori Wellins organized her posse to pack up the camaraderie — and the kids — for an annual retreat…

‘Girls Trip’ Writer: How My Pitches About Women of Color Are Becoming More Accepted (Guest Column)

Tracy Oliver details how the $137 million-grossing comedy about black women bonding is (ever so slightly) moving the needle on Hollywood reception of people-of-color projects.

Shonda Rhimes, Dana Walden, More Hollywood Moguls Pose With Their Daughters

A powerful mom can be a blessing and a challenge for these five teenage daughters (photographed with their parents, including CBS Films' Terry Press and media management exec Dany Garcia) as they…

A Trauma Expert on Harvey Weinstein: “That Kind of Sexual Assault Is About Power” (Guest Column)

Louise Godbold, who also was among Weinstein's victims, says she doesn't believe he is a sex addict: "What must change is the power relationship — not that some people have power and some don't, but…

Mira Sorvino: The Vindication and Aftermath of My Weinstein Story (Guest Column)

The Oscar-winning actress reveals what happened after the came forward against the media mogul and says the problem is more widespread than anyone thought: "I don't know a woman who hasn't had…

Harassment in Hollywood: Guilds and Industry Organizations Launch Hotlines

From SAG-AFTRA to Women in Film, here are the numbers — and websites — to know.