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‘Big Bang Theory’ Writers on the Mystery They’re Leaving Unsolved

At 'The Big Bang Theory's' final WonderCon panel, the show's writers revealed they got advice on ending the show from a co-creator of 'Friends.'

WonderCon: ‘The Conjuring’ Director James Wan on the Horror Genre, Avoiding Remakes

"I’ve never looked back and said, 'I would love to take on that franchise.' I’ve been inspired by the horror stories I grew up [with], but I want to create new stuff if I can.”

WonderCon: DC Relaunching Comics With Rebirth, Dropping Price of Comics

DC Entertainment revealed that a new revamp of its publishing side — Rebirth — will be put into effect; among other changes, some comic characters will undergo redesign.

WonderCon: ‘San Andreas’ Director Shows Off “Raw,” “Honest” Footage

“I’ve never done more stunt work in my life but we got a react to real circumstances," actress Carla Gugino said.

‘Arrow,’ ‘Revolution’ Set for WonderCon

Warner Bros. TV has revealed its lineup for the March 29-31 event.

WonderCon 2012: Peter Berg on ‘Battleship’ Board Game Comparisons: ‘It Doesn’t Have Any Direct Correlation’

Following a screening Saturday of footage from the film, Berg talked to THR about working with first-time actors, following up past successes, and setting himself up to make movies "that had a pretty big reach."

WonderCon 2012: Emma Stone and Marc Webb Spill ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Secrets

The director and co-star of the upcoming franchise reboot talk about building from and breaking away from the foundation of Sam Raimi's films.

‘Battleship’ Director Pete Berg on ‘John Carter’ Star Taylor Kitsch: ‘He’s Got the Right Stuff’

Despite Disney's announcement that "John Carter" effectively bombed at the box office, Kitsch's director on his next blockbuster insists he's capable of commanding movies of any size.

WonderCon 2012: Brooklyn Decker, From Snot Bubbles to ‘Battleship’

The former model talks about taking on a big role in the upcoming blockbuster, working with director Pete Berg, and becoming an actress by "working her butt off."

WonderCon 2012: ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Director Rupert Sanders on Charlize Theron, Classical Adventure and Contemporary Values

The first-time feature filmmaker talks about his Snow White arriving second in theaters, adapting iconic source material successfully, and choosing to use CGI to create his Dwarves.

WonderCon 2012: ‘Fringe’ Gang Stay Coy With Series’ Upcoming Secrets

The executive producers and members of the cast addressed fan speculation surrounding the show's mythology.

WonderCon 2012: ‘Fringe’ Featurette Spotlights Walter’s Most Memorable Lines (Video)

Fox's cult drama returns for the remainder of its fourth season on March 23.