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Writers Issue

‘Murphy Brown’ Writers: Candice Bergen, Jon Stewart Would Have a Fling in 2013

Diane English and her former writing staff imagine what the iconic TV journalist would be up to today.

‘Buffy’ Reunion: Joss Whedon’s Surprising Response to Young Female Fans

The "Avengers" director trades rapid-fire quips with the whip-smart staff who penned the supernatural cult favorite starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

‘X-Files’ Reunion: David Duchovny Reveals Who Made Him Wear a Speedo

Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan and Jeff Bell are among those who hadn't seen each other since the Fox show ended 11 years ago.

‘The Shield’ Reunion: Shawn Ryan, Glen Mazzara Recall Nervous Network Execs

The scribes joke about FX's anxiety over the edgy cop show -- particularly during an episode involving a sheep.