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Wu Xia

Peter Chan Takes On China Child Kidnapping Theme In Latest Project

Every year, thousands of Chinese children are sold for adoption or slavery.

Hong Kong International Film Festival to Spotlight Peter Chan Ho-sun

he Warlords and Wu Xia director-producer Peter Chan Ho-sun will be the Filmmaker in Focus at the 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival next March.

Why Buyers and Sellers Are Euphoric Over ‘Incredibly Strong’ Cannes Market (Cannes)

Big-budget features like "Pompeii" and "Ender's Game" and specialty fare such as "Thanks for Sharing" and "On the Road" are under equal demand at festival.

Wu Xia (Dragon): Cannes Review

A detective comes across a paper-maker who may or may not be a renegade mass murder in director Peter Ho-sun Chan's latest film, to be released in the U.S. under the title "Dragon."

CANNES Q&A: ‘Wu Xia’ Director Peter Ho-sun Chan

The director-producer talks to THR about his first official Cannes selection, "Wu Xia."

The Weinsteins Ride ‘Wu Xia’ For World Outside Asia, France (Cannes)

The acquisition of Peter Ho-Sun Chan's martial arts noir picture, premiering Saturday, is one of the first big deals at the festival.

Why Hong Kong Favors Historical Fare for Chinese Audiences

Based on a 16th century fantasy novel, the $60 million "Monkey King" plays at the Cannes Film Festival this year.