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X-Men: The New Mutants

Want to Go to a Drive-In During the Pandemic? Pack Jumper Cables

Forget fancy food menus. The must-have amenity for drive-ins now is the tool to prevent dead batteries: "People have no idea how to operate their fancy new cars."

Maisie Williams on ‘The Owners’ and the Original Night King Ending on ‘Game of Thrones’

Maisie Williams talks going indie for her first post-'Game of Thrones' role and the secret Kit Harington was told during season three of the HBO hit.

‘The New Mutants’: Film Review

'The Fault in Our Stars' director Josh Boone takes on the latest Marvel venture, 'The New Mutants,' adapted from the comic books originally spun off from the X-Men series.

What ‘New Mutants’ Must Learn From the Comics

Never mind the supernatural and superpowered, Josh Boone's upcoming 'New Mutants' film adaptation needs to get the everyday teenage experience right.

‘New Mutants’ and the Future of ‘X-Men’

The long-delayed 'New Mutants' is finally opening April 3, but is it possible the 'X-Men' spinoff could continue after that?

Marvel Revives ‘New Mutants’ Comic Ahead of Next Year’s Movie

'New Mutants: Dead Souls' sees the team back together (almost) to rediscover their origins.

If the ‘New Mutants’ Trailer Surprised You, This Might Be Why

Before it inspired the upcoming movie, 'The Demon Bear Saga' storyline changed the comic book series for good.