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Another Year

Mike Leigh, ‘Another Year’

Taking an unconventional approach to writing hasn’t stopped Leigh from earning five original-screenplay Oscar nominations and two directing noms.

Top 5 Oscar Nomination Mysteries Solved

Why did Christopher Nolan, Lesley Manville, Marion Cotillard, "Tron", and "Waiting for Superman" lose, and teensy upstarts win? Here's why.

Oscar Nominees React

"I didn't really feel anything at first and then when I was looking at the TV and I heard my name and saw my face on the television screen, I just kind of snapped," says first-time acting nominee, Jennifer Lawrence.

Palm Springs Fest Director: 10 Best Actress Slots?

Palm Springs' Darryl Macdonald thinks upping the Oscar best actress slots from five to 10 is a fine idea: "I like that!"

100-Critic Poll: ‘Black Swan’ Down; ‘Inception,’ ‘King,’ ‘127’ Up

"Social Network" tops MCN's 100-critic poll. "Black Swan" drops two slots, "King's Speech" up two.

‘Another Year,’ Another Oscar Nom? Mike Leigh Will Wait and See

After six Oscar noms, Mike Leigh is philosophical about the odds for "Another Year."

WGA’s Nix List: Top 10 Oscar Losers

The Writers Guild has ruled some of 2010's best-written scripts ineligible for a WGA Award. Here's a list of the most important victims (and victors) of the WGA's latest declaration of independence.

Three Awards Hopefuls — ‘Another Year,’ ‘Biutiful’ and ‘Blue Valentine’ — Hit Theaters Wednesday

Studios look to generate buzz just as Oscar nomination ballots show up in voters' mailboxes.

Can London Critics Save Lesley Manville?

London Film Critics give Lesley Manville's dead Oscar hopes a revivifying jolt that means a lot more than their bow to "The King's Speech."

How SAG and Golden Globe Nominations Affect Oscar Odds

Scott Feinberg notes that since 2000, only 1.1 performers a year lose at SAG and HFPA and still get Oscar noms. Here are this year's big names snubbed by SAG and HFPA, though 1.1 of them will still get Oscar noms (if past is prologue): #1: Leonardo DiCaprio (Inception, Shutter Island).

Awards Watch — The Contenders

Highlights from this year’s race for awards season gold.

Another Year — Film Review

Mike Leigh's new film centers on a decent but dull suburban couple and their friends, most of whom you would go out of your way to avoid at a party.