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Toronto International Film Festival

Latest News

  1. Toronto Taps Buenos Aires Auteurs for Fest Focus

    6:36 am 2/8/2011

    Argentine filmmakers to be subject of Toronto festival's third annual City to City sidebar. Read more

  2. Toronto Fest to Launch Star-Making Machine

    6:45 am 1/28/2011

    Toronto International Film Festival to groom local actors for international breakout success. Read more

  3. Henry's Crime: Movie Review

    8:36 am 10/4/2010

    Despite entertaining performances from Vera Farmiga and James Caan, audiences will be confused by the intentions of Malcolm Venville-directed film.Read more

  4. In a Better World: Film Review

    7:17 pm 9/27/2010

    Denmark's foreign-language Oscar winner about two families whose fates are fatefully intertwined opens in N.Y. and L.A. today, followed by a national rollout.Read more

  5. Beautiful Boy: Film Review

    1:05 pm 9/20/2010

    A spare, unflinching examination of a married couple coping with the tragic death of their 18-year-old son, "Beautiful Boy," which won a FIPRESCI prize at Toronto, is graced by a pair of equally raw, affecting turns by Michael Sheen and Maria Bello.Read more

  6. Dirty Girl: Film Review

    1:02 pm 9/20/2010

    Juno Temple, plays a titular high school student with a bad reputation, who establishes herself as the real deal.Read more

  7. The Whistleblower: Film Review

    1:20 pm 9/17/2010

    A fact-based thriller starring Rachel Weisz as a Nebraska cop who witnesses the atrocities firsthand when she joins a U.N. peacekeeping team in post-war Serbia. Read more

  8. The Trip: Film Review

    3:10 pm 9/15/2010

    Michael Winterbottom's listless foody travelogue "The Trip" is made up of highlights from a six-part BBC series that has yet to air, but if these are the best bits then no one will mind waiting.Read more

  9. The Ward: Film Review

    1:54 pm 9/15/2010

    While by no means a masterpiece of the form, John Carpenter's "The Ward" is an economical period piece that still effectively demonstrates what a skilled technician can accomplish in a single location with a compact cast and sturdy old-school effects.Read more

  10. Submarine: Film Review

    12:19 pm 9/15/2010

    Joe Dunthorne's delightfully idiosyncratic 2008 novel "Submarine" is the kind of book that almost never is made into a film of matching quality. Richard Ayoade's movie "Submarine" is a sublime exception.Read more

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