Aereo Hit With Second Lawsuit in Utah

The company tells a judge not to let TV broadcasters bully "on litigation cost, rather than the merits" of copyright claims.
Jonathan Fickies/Bloomberg/Getty Images
Aereo is backed by Barry Diller

The latest in the Aereo legal front…

Nextar Broadcasting, which owns an ABC affiliate and a CW Television network in Salt Lake City, filed a lawsuit on Thursday against the company that captures over-the-air TV signals and transmits them to subscribers' digital devices. According to the complaint, "The purpose of this action is to restrain Aereo from exploiting without authorization, and violating Nexstar’s rights in, its valuable intellectual property."

Here's the full complaint.

STORY: Broadcasters Denied Injunction Against Aereo in Massachusetts 

This marks the second lawsuit filed in Utah federal court this month. On Oct. 7, Aereo was also hit with a complaint by Fox Broadcasting and a CBS affiliate. In response to the broadcasters' motion for preliminary injunction, Aereo requested that the lawsuits be transferred to New York, where a legal battle has been playing out since March, 2012.

"This case is part of a multi-front war brought by the nation’s largest broadcasting companies against a much smaller opponent," Aereo's lawyers told a Utah judge. "The judicial system has an interest in ensuring that Aereo wins or loses on the merits. The broadcasters’ strategy of serial litigation around the country puts that interest at risk by threatening to make outcome turn on litigation cost, rather than the merits."

A ruling denying a preliminary injunction in that New York case was recently appealed by broadcasters to the Supreme Court.

Aereo is also fighting a Hearst-owned television station in Boston.