Amber Heard-Johnny Depp Drama Continues With Disagreement Over Donation to Charity

Johnny Depp Amber Heard H 2016
John Shearer/WireImage

It appears Johnny Depp and Amber Heard just can't go quietly into the night following their ugly, public divorce. 

The soon-to-be-exes reached a divorce settlement earlier this month, but another dust-up has them back in the headlines. 

It centers on Heard's pledge to donate her $7 million settlement to two charities, the ACLU and Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. 

Well, Depp reportedly decided to circumvent Heard entirely and donate the money to the organizations directly — which she interpreted as an attempt to cash in on tax incentives. 

A member of Heard's team issued a statement on Thursday calling the news "great and unexpected" — but that doesn't mean she's letting him get away with the sneaky financial maneuver, if that's really what it was. 

"[I]f Johnny wishes to change the settlement agreement, we must insist that he honor the full amount by donating $14M to charity, which, after accounting for his tax deduction, is equal to his $7M payment obligation to Amber," says the statement. "Anything less would be a transparent attempt by Johnny's counsel, Laura Wasser and [Patty] Glaser, to reduce their client's true payment by half under the guise of newfound concern for charities that he has never previously supported."

As their divorce settlement came on the eve of a domestic violence restraining order hearing, it's clear both Heard and Depp are motivated to keep their fight out of public court. So it wouldn't be a surprise if Depp announces a larger, lump sum payment to the charities — though it may not be double.