AMC Gets Green Light to File New Brief in 'Walking Dead' Profits Fight

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Gene Page/AMC

As fans of AMC's The Walking Dead eagerly await the ninth season, those following a big-ticket profits lawsuit filed by ex-showrunner Frank Darabont and CAA will have to be even more patient as they wait for a summary judgment ruling that's been pending in New York since September.

After Darabont filed a second lawsuit in January, nearly five years into the legal battle, the cable network asked the court to allow further briefing before ruling on the motion. 

AMC argued the new lawsuit included new allegations that bear directly on the issues Judge Eileen Bransten is already considering. Meanwhile, Darabont and CAA argued the move was merely a bid to delay proceedings and asked the court to issue sanctions.

Bransten on Thursday granted AMC's request to reopen briefing on summary judgment and denied the request for sanctions without hearing arguments.

“Today’s ruling shows that the court is being thoughtful and meticulous in its handling of this case," says AMC attorney Orin Snyder. "We are eager to show the court that CAA, a company of Hollywood agents, is playing fast and loose with the facts. We look forward to our next day in court.”

Darabont's attorney Dale Kinsella also sent The Hollywood Reporter a statement Thursday. "Judge Branston was obviously being judicious in wanting a complete record before she rules on the pending motions for summary judgment," he says. "Her ruling today was nothing more than insuring that the defendants have said everything they needed to say before she rules."

The next hearing on the matter is currently set for May 31.