Australia High Court Agrees to Review Closely-Watched Hollywood Piracy Case

In Australia, the High Court has agreed to hear an appeal from a coalition of Hollywood studios continuing to pursue claims that iiNet, one of the country's largest ISPs, contributed to its users illegally sharing copyrighted material.

In February, 2010, a trial judge found that iiNet was not liable for the downloading habits of its customers, and that decision was affirmed by a lower appeals circuit in February.

The plaintiff says that iiNet should have responded more forcefully to evidence of copyright infringers on its networks, including possible suspension of customer accounts.

Since the decision, there has been growing movement both internationally and in the U.S. to push ISPs to take responsibility for copyright infringement.

The decision by the High Court to hear an appeal allows Hollywood an attempt at erasing one of its worst legal losses on the piracy front.


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