'Avatar' tops most-pirated movie list

Picture 22 "Avatar" is proving just as popular in the piracy underground as it has been at the box office.

The James Cameron epic ranks as the most downloaded film on BitTorrent. Some believe that online pirates want to check out the film on digital networks before going to see the "real" 3-D experience in the theaters, but the appetite for the film seems strong enough that pirates want a second, third, and even fourth taste whether "Avatar" is immune from piracy, as Cameron has suggested.

Here's the list of the ten most pirated films last week:
  1. "Avatar"
  2. "Smokin' Aces 2"
  3. "Amored"
  4. "2012"
  5. "Whiteout"
  6. "The Time Traveler's Wife"
  7. "The Lovely Bones"
  8. "Up in the Air"
  9. "This is It"
  10. "The Invention of Lying"

Source: TorrentFreak