BBC Goes to Court to Identify 'Doctor Who' Leaker

The British Broadcasting Corporation is now in court in an effort to identify the individual responsible for posting scenes from the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

The 11th season of the acclaimed science-fiction show is much anticipated, thanks to a female taking the lead role in the 54-year-old show about a time traveler. Last week, the first scenes from Jodie Whittaker's entrance as the titular character began circulating, with some fans responding angrily to the spoiling.

The BBC is taking the leak seriously and wants to answer the question of who.

On Friday, the BBC requested a clerk at the California federal court issue a subpoena to Tapatalk, a mobile community platform.

The broadcaster is being represented by an attorney at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, which has carved out a bit of a niche in recent years in tackling piracy before big events. The new season of Doctor Who debuts in autumn.