Artist Behind 'Breaking Bad's' Los Pollos Hermanos Sues Sony

Gus Fring would not be pleased.
Courtesy of AMC
'Breaking Bad'

The artist who created Breaking Bad's iconic Los Pollos Hermanos logo claims Sony infringed on his copyright by selling merchandise emblazoned with the image without permission.

Humberto Puentes-Segura is suing Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Topanga Productions, claiming he only gave the show permission to use his design for the fast-food restaurant as "a prop, set dressing, and/or wardrobe" in connection with the hit AMC series.

"Plaintiff did not, however, grant Defendant Topanga Productions or any other person or entity any ancillary rights in the Artwork, or the right to license, manufacture, distribute, or sell any merchandise bearing any reproduction of any portion of the Artwork, or any derivative works thereof," writes attorney Benjamin Feuchter in the complaint. 

A quick internet search shows, however, there's no shortage of Los Pollos Hermanos t-shirts, mugs and other memorabilia for sale online.

The artist says he had been living in Mexico with limited media access and didn't learn his design was being used on merchandise until last October. 

Puentes-Segura is seeking damages, an accounting of the profits related to the purported infringement and an injunction.  

Sony declined to comment on the lawsuit.